Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth


Cute Tulhu and a World Wide Company
By Aloas Kino

"The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild, and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom." -"The Call of Cthulhu," H.P. Lovecraft

"(...)all information regarding 'They who will have Blood' has consisted of misrepresentations and absolute rubbish. (...) From an uninitiated viewpoint, the Dark Gods are indeed the most hideous and terrifying manifestations of the acausal on this causal plane. Due to the Nazarene Tyranny establishing evolutionary regression, very few can comprehend even the most remote hint of Chaos (or The Dark Gods) in its primal state, i.e. they do not perceive the essence hidden by appearance; they are bound by 'moral projections'." -"The Dark Gods" by Christos Beest , Order of the Nine Angles

"Cthulhu's cults are quite widespread; traces of his worship have appeared in Haiti, Louisiana, the South Pacific, Mexico, Arabia, Siberia, K'n-yan, and Greenland." -(From the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana )

My first blood was shed in La Habana, Cuba, in February 1995. I was being initiated into Santeria and the throat of a black rooster was being slit before me, while tears were running down my face.

Cthulhu worship in Haiti and Louisiana? Papa Legba is "The Gate and the Key", the same words used to describe Yog Sothoth. And Elleggua is the "Messenger to the Gods", just like Nyarlathotep.

In Mexico? Mayans and Aztecs, also obsessed with blood, had in their pantheon a terrible frog goddess called Tlalteuctli, that makes me think of Tsathogghua.

Are all of these entities the same thing? What? Why do (some) Satanists shed blood too?

As Chaos Magicians, we have all the paradigms ("traditions") of History and Earth converging now into our hands. If the essential question in magick is "what", then what are we invoking?

Is it our own blood that should rise and transform us? HPL's prophecy, quoted above, may well point out to a physical change in humans; perhaps the reactivation of the reptilian brain, perhaps when it's hit by the Kundalini risen. If so, this modern American myth (the Mythos) would be an intuitive or literary attempt at putting together the pieces in the global magickal jigsaw, done at the same time that Aleister was attempting the same in a more philosophical and mystical plane.

When smoking Salvia Divinorum, the Mayan entheogen, I perceived that knowledge comes from Earth (the classical realm of Satan). And this being the same Earth under Egyptian and Mesoamerican shamans, the same structures were inspired to them and then built by their peoples. Blood flows well down the stairs at whose bottom Chaugnar Faugn feeds, and I smell in all of it the angular magick suggested in "The Hounds of Tindalos".

What are the "interstices between things" that separate these "Old Ones" and "Deep Ones" from us? Time, Gravity and Space?

In Grant Morrison's comic book _The Invisibles_ -a story of shoggoths and conspiracies written by a Chaos Magician-, Time is "something that happens to the flesh".... "Try to remember", is the call from Barbelith. There is only one body, folded in the HereNow like one of WSB's centipedes.

In the episode of The Invisibles called _Countdown to the Millennium_, in the last (#1) issue, the hero explains: "That's them: the bits *between* everything, come to life and showing themselves." (...) "It's only all the things you left outside when you were building your little house called 'Me'."

This makes sense if related to the "acausal", non-dualistic nature above attributed to 'Em by Christos Beest. The knowledge of our mortality makes us want to push these very walls of skin that contain us as a product to be delivered, in Time, to the mortician ("I must bind Time to my Will or Time will bind me to my Death", writes Don Webb.) No surprise then that the Pacts with Shub-Niggurath or its other incarnations are signed in this mysterious fluid that vampyres are so fond of.

Reincarnation doesn't have to mean one life after another; thinking that way is no more that undoing the circle into another line. With DMT I experienced the simultaneity of death and birth, by myself, without any participation of mothers or other people. And all in the HereNow.

The Temple ov Psychick Youth, TOPY, has this monthly ritual in which a Temple egregore and the personal HGA are fed with blood and orgones ((this is my personal view of it anyway)).

Cyclical time is not only Nietzsche's deja-vu revelation but also the seasonal pagan sabbats and the Mayan concept of time, based on the monthly trip of the Moon around the Earth.

The perception of time is associated to the intake of a chemical called Tryptophane in the brain. Psychedelics prevent its absorption; that's how time is "stopped" during a trip (Seize the means of perception: old TOPY proverb).

The Mushroom at the End of Time, as Mackenna would call it, seen in Japan, 1945, marks the End of Linear History; all those born before the appearance of that shiny fungus died instantly everywhere on Earth, and are now zombies in positions of relative power. (Not that we don't have living deads born after that date, too!)

Now that Southern Gaia is awakening, we realize how we (Kutulu) are recovering from the slumber imposed by Linearity. Time is not the same everywhere in our planet. The hypnotic spell that still makes some European pagans believe that Beltane should be celebrated in Chile in May is fading.

Not only is May the time for Samhain here in the South, and likewise the other Sabbaths occur at "odd" times (but in the correct *season*), but a consciousness is emerging (probably both from the "sea": dreaming, experiences in the astral, and the awareness of this huge expanse of water that we often cross on board of planes, and the "web": the vast network of electronic communications) that there is always dawn somewhere, and always winter in some place.

This Celtic knot of shadow and light and cold and heat that like the tides and winds and quakes move the Earth in us all the Time may be if understood be used for an "earthing" of our relationship to the Forces, whatever they may be.

Serpent Time.... Serpentime, Serpentine. The Dragon is a Serpent rising and taking the horizon/flesh as its wings. The Beast leaves the Waters and takes the World with It. It bytes its Tail and thee old Tale is told once more.


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