Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

B E H A V I O U R A L    V I R U S E S

from T.O.P.Y CHAOS

The tonal system is like a gene-pool of behavioural possibilities- rigid grooves or channels separated by distinct spaces. Yet, these discrete tones make up only a tiny fraction of the sum total (pitch) possibilities. Thus, out of infinite possibility comes the limitation of convention. Musical and rhythmic progressions are to music behavioural patterns and routines- habitual procedures that manifest as protocol and custom.

Further segmentation ensures a particular music for a particular purpose, place and person. Certain discordant elements are tolerated so long as they do not breach their borders. All this is unspoken, of course. It goes without saying. Laws are not made, they are handed-down, usually from the Father, so there is nothing to be said. Logos descends, therefore any sound from below is gibberish, channelled through the avenues of uninformed complaint, immature rebellion, madness, immorality due to poverty / undisciplined upbringing etc etc.

The WORD is a virus: In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was GOD, and the WORD was made flesh, and the WORD was crucified... (And the Word was resurrected).

All language is viral, mutating into newer forms that envelope the organism, side-stepping the immune system or, like AIDS, immobilising the immune system itself, leaving the host vulnerable to even the most innocent of attacks, like a paranoiac. Languages mutate as they are used, mutated by all users, and are thus susceptible to counter-mutations or anti-viruses. What happens when you infect a virus with a virus? And what happens when you unleash an immuno-deficiency-virus upon another immuno-deficiency-virus?

Various progressions of notes and sounds produce a flow of recollections, expectations, assumptions and predictions based on a variety of experiences. The repetition of sounds and groups of sounds burn images and associations in the mind, producing avenues and channels of comfort and frictionlessness.

Reflex actions (responses signifying opinion and orientation? Movements with association and meaning?). Words and groups of words. The body and its languages (when and where?). Institutions (reproductions? Or god?). Illogical correspondences now form perfectly reasonable, linear connections. Like genetic engineering, this viral system has no intrinsic moral position/status. Is this viral system subject to experimentation and development, secretly, invisibly, subliminally, intentionally?

Life is a cut/up of information- sound, light, images, thoughts- all stimuli received according to our physical and mental orientation in space and time. Our actions comprise largely of reactions, but we perceive them to be otherwise. If there is no fixed point, there can be no absolute: the line comes from a point. We can change the direction of the line without knowing the point, but to create new lines we must see its relation to the point (which is often re-worked into the line to produce a circle, thus mobilising and integrating the arbitrary by calling it the absolute). By using non-linear devices we revive the medium. But it is not good enough to create a new convention, no matter how ‘unconventional’ it is.

The virus is 'out there', it affects everybody. You can’t help but be involved. You can’t avoid it. You will engage with it whatever you do; so you may as well try to make it work for you rather than let it work against you.


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