Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth


By Coyote 305

"Magick is the art and science of causing change in conformity with Will"

---So sayeth our dearly departed Uncle Al, P.A.N rest his soul. Magick, however, is much more than this in its applications witch span the multicolored multiverse of human experience. Still, the entire philosophy is contained perfectly within our opening quotation. In the course of this short missive we hope to open a Door of perception in witch the entire human condition, and its subsequent ceaseless striving towards liberation, may be seen as one All-inclusive Process:

MAGICK---when most of us encounter this term we are inclined towards fabulous otherwordly visions of child-hood daydream; yet, this is merely a symbolic comprehension of the depth and degree of power obtained in the process of liberation that is Magick. Far from being a fantasy pursuit or species of escapism, Magick is a profound and Living art-form of personal responsibility taken for Action and Evolution in this Life NOW! Magick is doing what we are already doing but with INTENTION. This is the key that opens Awareness and facilitates Growth.

Magick has been considered heretical and "evil" in fairly modern times. This is due, partially, to its connection with Self Reliance---the power of the Magician's focused will replaces the concept of "god." Rather than relying upon some big daddy in the sky, the Mage summons hir inner power and directs this to an Intended end. This process deepens and expands individual sovereignty and brings with it a sense of touching Life's Essence. We might argue that this trumps religion.

Magick in its purest form need not be exclusively connected with calling spirits or the worship of alien gods---although these may appeal in certain circumstances. We are not limited in what "belief structures" we may apply. Here is where we hope to clear up much of the misunderstanding that surrounds our venerable Art. The explanation is incredibly simple and yet nearly impossible for most to digest.

We submit that All human behaviour hinges upon a peculiar mechanism called Belief. For this we have slaughtered, maimed, destroyed and dehumanized our own people as well as created the most magnificent works in art, science, architecture and philosophy. Belief has inherent Power and appears to be connected to the human experience so intimately that it cannot be disentangled from it. We are as we Believe---at least in our minds. Despite what evidence may be brought against ones personal notions, we still will act "as if" our belief were "true." So, essentially, we have an opportunity here. This is rarely intuited and nearly always overlooked or ignored.

In a World where image and material possession determine ones "value," it should be easy to see how Belief also has value and standing. Hence we spend a good deal of our time attempting to find the "truth" or "whats really going on." We have all heard people say,"I just dont know what to believe anymore"---and this is nearly always a harbinger of personal turmoil and connected to a dangerous mental state by most. It seems that we need Belief and those that do not are generally considered pessimists or worse.

Magick concerns itself with Belief in an entirely different manner than is commonly understood. For us Belief is not an end or destination---it is not something to be discovered or adhered to. Rather, Belief is utilized as a Means to some specified end. This automatically grants us a degree of liberty unsuspected by the masses---in fact, it is in doubt that most would even desire this type of freedom---as it may be confused with Insanity by the unrefined intellect.

Magick and insanity appear to occupy the same general territory. The crucial difference, however, is in the Eye of the beholder---the beholder of ones own mental state that is. The insane being has come to realize that Nothing is True and this appears as a horrifying situation in witch to find oneself; no ground to walk upon, nothing to attach oneself to, a sense of vertigo ensues---this is the spiraling into the labyrinth of the mind from witch there is No Escape. This need not be of course. The Mage comes to Realize this unfettered state as that of Liberty. We have come to see the strange games and chasing after the "true" as some odd reflection of the minds own discriminatory properties. This need of belief could be considered the projection of the mind into all it interacts with---a love of our own reflection in all we see.

Nothing is true Everything is permitted. This is the great formula of Magick in our Time. The magician delights in the free form interaction of all aspects of Self with the experience of being a living, sentient Awareness. We seek to cultivate, deepen, and Live this Awareness as completely as we may. This necessarily brings us into contact with many and contrasting belief structures. We choose to treat these structures as various tools that serve our Will. If our Will is ultimately Liberation then our interaction with Belief will be in the form of extracting the essential life-force from each construct. The result is something like a symphony, a breathtaking tapestry, a magnificent collage. All parts working together. This is quite a different result than is commonly obtained in the World. With such powerful and inflexible beliefs, we continuously find ourselves at War---and such petty ideological differences are sufficient to cause our Total Destruction----to us this is the definition of insanity.

When we say that Nothing is true this should be understood as Nothing IS True---where "nothing" is representative of the formless KIA or Life-Force from witch all phenomena spring. So, our "truth" lies in the Whole. We believe in Everything;despite how offensive, honerous, or fantastical it may be to others. We inherently realize that We bring about "reality" thru our Power to Believe at Will. Why chain yourself to a belief? We suspect that this behaviour has resulted in the frequently observed robotic state in witch many appear to exist.

Magick is the Ultimate weapon for the Artist, free thinker, freedom fighter, street sorceror, punk rock shaman, industrial chaos magician, gothic witch, S and M alchemist, Pan worshipper, circus clown, Coyote, Kali, ghetto mojo daddy, body piercer, performance artist, junkie metal sculptor, antinomian magus, reiki mover, chi master, beat poet, acid head, rave god, and meditating motherfucker. We are all of them and none of them and some of them in turn and many more we have no idea about just yet. It is all Magick and there is no limit.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.