Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth


FIRST STATION: Jesus is condemned to Death. (realization of what is to coum)

As are we all. We must all coum to grips with thee fact that we are all mortal, our WORKS can achieve immortality, butter not our bodies. There is no proven afterlife -We must live our lives for thee NOW -thee past is over, thee future expected, NOT promised. NOW IS ALL WE HAVE. Don't deny yourself anything NOW in hopes ov payment LATER -if nothing else it's BAD BUSINESS!

SECOND STATION: Jesus is made to carry His Cross. (erection)

We all have our crosses to bear, our guilt and fear, centered around our most cherished dreams anddesires. It was foretold that Christ would carry his burden without coumplaint-and he did. Butter no-one could possibly have foretold that, two thousand yers later, ALL WESTERN SOCIETY would still be staggering under HIS cross.

THIRD STATION: Jesus falls the First Time. (first penetration)

Orthodox Xianity is monistic- it believes GOD created a perfect world; and Man, through "original sin", created evel. Thus, thee fact that evil and ugliness exists is "our" fault. Thee laying ov blame seems to be a Xian obsession. There were "heretical" sects ov Xians, however, who believed that an all-knowing, all-powerful, BENEVOLENT God would not have laid such a devious trap for Man, therefore thee world must have been created in its present, imperfect state by a lesser bing, Lucifer. They did not believe in the Fall. Naturally, these evil idears were punished and did not survive to influence Western Thought.

FOURTH STATION: Jesus meets His sorrowful Mother. (incest)

Christ's mother probably didn't want him to fulfill thee prophecies and allow himself to be killed. Butter He knew that it had to be. Our parents are always disappointed by some ov thee decisions we make, we cannot possibly live up to their hopes and expectations, SHOULD not try. We must live our own lives, not try to live out thee dreams ov our parents. It is your life, let fo ov thee control and pover your parents hold over you. You must fulfill your OWN destiny.

FIFTH STATION: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry His cross. (gay sex)

Simon ov Cyrene was a passerby recruited to help Christ carry His burden. Butter even had ten people helped, thee Cross would STILL be being carried. Xianity encourages "pious", "unselfish" do-rights to help us carry all sort ov unwanted burdens. It's high time we all dropped thee Cross. Only a fool would want to pick it up again.

SIXTH STATION: Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus. (hetero sex)

Veronica pitied Christ and wiped his face with her veil. From thee sweat and blood a portrait ov Him was formed on thee veil. One ov thee first sigils! It seems that Xians have elevated this IMPRESSION ov Christ to Godhead, forgetting that first and foremost, He was a MAN-He has becoum a venerated Statue, while His corpse rots forgotten in a dusty corner ov His Church.

SEVENTH STATION: Jesus falls the Second Time. (second penetration)

We all fall. No-one can live thee stainless life Christ is said to have live. Whether in thought or in deed, we all "sin". IT is thee repression and guilt, not divine retribution, which kills us. Xianity is able to perpetuate itself by demanding thee impossible ov its adherents- perfection. And then claims that only through repentence, ie. guilt-can one achieve "salvation"

EIGTH STATION: The women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus. (orgy)

Christ is a crutch-snake oil for gullible old crones. He is God ov thee Weak, thee Sexless, the Fearful, thee Stagnant. Thee SLAVES. FREE PEOPLE BOW BEFORE NO GOD, NEED NO PROMISE OV IMMORTATLITY, no divine approval ov their actions. WE LIVE FOR OURSELVES, FOR NOW. We need no coumforting, it is coumpacency and ultimately stasis=DEATH.

NINTH STATION: Jesus falls the Third Time. (third pentration)

Thee Xian concept ov EVANGELISM-thee idear that it is a Xian's RESPONSIBILITY to converrt non believers- is crucial to European imperialistic tendencies. This morally justifies comquest, excusing it by proclaiming that a "savage" (ie. nonXian) nation had to be converted to Xianity. Thee original Americans were killed not for their land and resouces, butter because to refused to accept "our" God. This hypocritical lie has enabled Eurpean culture to dominate and nearly destroy every other culture on earth. We conquer, not to rob and pillage, butter to "save".

TENTH STATION: Jesus is stripped of His Garments. (fetishism)

Who are we without our Garments? Without our cars and condos? Christ taught us humility-what greater humiliation that to be stripped naked before a mocking crowd? To be stripped maked is also to be deconditioned, stripped ov guilt and fear, to becoum free to proclaim on's believes and dreams openly-and to begin to make them coum true. Butter it can not be begun until one has cast aside thee cumbersome rainment put upon us by a two thousand year old book.

ELEVENTH STATION: Jesus is nailed to the Cross. (piercing)

ERECTION. Xianity has made our bodies a Forbidden Fruit. Physical expression ov sexual desire has been made "dirty", our genitals padlocked by quilt and fear. Fear ov retribution, divine or microbial, ov ridicule and failure. One ov thee most personal and special parts ov our bodies is hels hostage by beliefs which simply DO NOT APPLY to this Age. Thee first step to Freedom lies in reclaiming our bodies, to create inoneself and unencumbered sexuality.

TWELFTH STATION: Jesus is raised upon the Cross and Dies. (orgasm)

Thee Death ov Christ. Thee Death ov Fear. Ov Guilt. Ov Control. Thee rebirth ov thee Whole Personality -free to live, to dream, to enact. Thee Christ in each ov us MUST die so that thee other parts can finally LIVE!!!

THIRTEENTH STATION: Jesus is taken down from the Cross and placed in the Arms of His Mother. (post orgasm glow)

WE MUST GET OFF THEE CROSS. We have taken this story, this hypocritical half-truth as a Given, as our Law, for too long. All Mankind must reject this "solution" as thee ONLY one. It is merely one symbolic piece ov thee puzzle we call LIFE. Get off ov your Cross, cast aside thee two thousand year shackles that YOU choose to wear! WE are no longer forced to believe this Lie -We can believe or disbelieve as we choose. GET OFF THEE CROSS!!!

FOURTEENTH STATION: Jesus is laid in the Sepluchre. (the peace which passeth all understanding)

Xianity as a religion has outlived its relevence to our society. Change takes timE, butter it is time to retire Christ, put Him to sleep, as one would a faithful old dog whose legs are too rickety to wald on. Not with malice, more with a tinge ov wistfulness at thee days when our World was simpler, when this quaint little stroy ov Christ could imspire Europe into such acts ov both lofty Spirituality and savage, senseless cruelty.


Thee TEMPLE OV PSYCHICK YOUTH is actively working to end thee two millenia ov emotional damages caused inpart by Xianity. We are NOT "another cult" we believe in no gods and no devil. We seek to liberate thee human mind through guiltless sexuality and brutal self-examination. Everyone who is REALLY free is already a Psychich Youth. They just don't know it yet.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.