Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

T H E    V O I D

By Kali 100

Many people feel an abscence in their life. Why? It seems that it could be that we do not know ourSelves. We feel a constant DEEP VOID in our hearts, and do not know how to go about filling it. We may substitute things or people to fill it, but it is still All-Ways there! Couldn't it be possible that we have forgotten who we Real-ly are? Is that what that Void is? Our own Self?

Thee following is a list ov questions we can ask ourSelves. This is not a test, and ther are no correct answers. Only YOU hold thee answers. Do with them what you Will. You know in your heart what is ultimately Right and Wrong, and YOU know when you are lying to your SELF.

Do E REALLY know my Self?

Do E L-ov-e my Self? Why or why not?

Am E honest with my Self? Why or why not?

Am E afraid to touch my Self? Why or why not?

Do E fear anything or anyone? Why or why not?
What is it about this that E fear it?
Do E WANT o feel fear?

Am E insecure? Why or why not?

Do E WANT to change?
Am E willing to change?
Am E afraid to change? Why or why not?
What is it about my Self tha E want to change?
Do E believe that E can ever get to thee point when E don't need to progress any more? Why or why not?
Do E have any habits E know are bad for ME?

What do E want to do with my life?

What ULTIMATE goals do E have?
Are they my goals or someone elses? Why?
Is thee goal possible? If not, why?

How can E accomplish what E will?

Would E let others suffer for my own selfish porposes? Why not or why?

Is my goal something that is physical or mental? Why?

Will material things REALLY give me TRUE happiness?
Am E materialistic? Why or why not?
AM E predjudice? Why or why not?Am E judgemental? Why or why not?

Am E being honest with my Self?

Is it Really possible that a physical thing can be a substitue for thee Void in my life?
What is that Void in my life?
Why is it there?
Why do E feel there is a Void?

Do E concentrate too much on one thing?
            Certain person?
            Certain kinds ov people?
            Certain faiths, belifs, morals?
            Certain kinds ov music?
Isn't it true that if E concentrate only upon one side ov thee street, I'm missing what may-Be on thee other side?

Am E a Talker, Listtener, or Observer? Why?
Which would E rather be? Why?
Can't E be all Three? Why or why not?
Do E "hate" anyBody or anyThing? Why or why not?

What does thee word "Peace" ultimatly mean to ME?

What does thee word "L-OV-E" ultimatly mean to ME?

Do E want to be a better person? Why not or why?

If E want to be a beter person, HOW do E go about DO-ing this?

When should E star?

Why not NOW? At This moment?


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