Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

E X P R E S S I N G    E M O T I O N S

By Kali 100

Love and hate are positive and negative emotions. They are opposite from each other and they both, in a sense, need each other. Or do they?

Every human being feels emotion. Emotion being Love, Hate, and everything in between. But where do these emotions come from? We will discuss thee answers to this question step by step.

First, emotions tend to come from what we see and hear on TV and related media. Since thee emotions from TV and related media are almost always over dramatized, they aren't exactly true to life. People have a tendency to act-out thee emotions they see, therefore, over-dramatizing thier own true feelings in any given situation. Over a long period ov time, thee dramatization becoums real. This can explain why many people are "over-emotional" sometimes or all thee time.

Second, emotions come from family and friends. We see how people we know express thier feelings, so we mimick each other, because we are never taught or given thee chance to express how we feel in a true spirit. Its kind ov like monkey-see, monkey-do. Now thee result ov all this is billions ov people running around mimicking each other with over-dramatized love and hate, and saying its natural behavior. Is it really?

Third, emotions come from within. We all love, hate, feel sadness, happiness, and so on. How we express these is extremely important. No one can tell anyone how to truly express thier own emotions, we realize it on our own when thee time is right. There are some things, however, that should be considered..

WE are responsible for how WE feel, and how WE express that feeling.

Putting "blame" and placing "fault" on others for how we feel is something that we have been taught and shown to do, by TV, related media, and, in broader terms, society.

Controlling your emotions, and thee emotions ov others is another thing that we have been taught to do.

Emotions are mental, and should not be manifested in negative ways. Negative being: blame, fault, control, violence, etc.

To sum up, we are told to be-lie-ve that thee "real" world is like TV. Soap Opera love and hate. We are told to be paranoid ov our neighbors. Trust no one! Hate, hate, hate! Hate what we tell you to hate, love only people, things, and gods we tell you to love. Feel only what we tell you to feel, and we'll tell you how to express it.

The person who explores their real Self, who is in touch with their real Self, who sees life as flat people dont see, is usually less apt to be over-emotional. They feel ALL emotions, but are always trying to learn to express them in positive ways. Consider this:

If a person never said, wrote, or made any action negatively towards ANYTHING, EVER; and just kept their negative thoughts to themslef, they would therefore not generate any outward negative energy, thus generating only positive, right? Wouldn't this person then have to be relieved of all negative energy towards them? They would receive only positive: then they wouldn't have any negative to keep to themself. They would therefore have no conception ov what negative is. It was never given to them, so they never felt it, experienced it, or gave it to anyone else.

Negative destroys itself. Thee all negative human will eventually destroy their self. Thee positive human will receive positive, and will eliminate negativities inside them, and negatives towards them. What exactly is positive? When it all comes down to's LOVE. Integrate your whole Self by loving and knowing your Self. Through ritual, sigil, and interaction with others, we learn to love our Self. When we love our Self, we love life. Love is positive. Psychick Youth strive to love and know their Self. When establishment control eventually destroys itself, thee human race can survive, only through positive energy. Thee time is NOW. It's never too late to start to love and know your Self. Eliminate thee negative, touch your Self, dont be afraid ov your Self, live in your True Self reality. We will survive.


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