Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

C O M P U T E R S   A N D   S I G I L I Z A T I O N

By Coyote 129

E stumbled upon thee idea ov Computerized Sigils in late 1989, while drawing Op-Art patterns on my old Commodore 64. There was a specific process that E performed on a seed image, that would always result in a distinct (yet similar) result. It seemed to me that this was very much like thee way in which AOS made his sigils. E performed 2 rituals using this tech-nique, both ov which have since coum to fruition... :-)

E refined this core idea even further when E got an Amiga. Its sophiticated grafix enabled me to manipulate images in ways that E never imagined with thee 64....

A favorite method ov myne is to take an image that represents thee idea that E wish to make a sigil ov, perhaps mapped over another image, or coum text, and turn that image into a brush. Then shrink thee brush, to perhaps 1/16th ov original size... then enlarge back to original size. This will erase all detail and eou will end up with a good stylized image.

Collage is another good method. E use this method in conjuction with thee other method for a more direct visual stimuli. By combining stylized images with "normal" images, eou can program both eour waking and un-waking minds.

E recently got another tool to use, E was informed ov thee ability ov GNU Emacs to do cut-ups:

M-x dissociated-press [M is thee Emacs slang for thee "ESC" key...]

Is how one does cutups in emacs...Supposedly giving it a positive argument cuts-up by letter. Negative argument means cut-up by word... It starts and places the results in the buffer Dissociations and asks you if you want more rearrangement...
Much more info in the INFO tree under Amusements Node...

E did this to a copy ov last months mailer... here is thee output:

E am very excited by thee potental ov this new tool.

more to follow... l-ov-e: 129


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