Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

T A N T R I C     M A S T U R B A T I O N

By Brandy Williams

I prefer an outside location against the base of a friendly tree or on a deserted beach. Where I now live, I have access to a large shower with a carpet and a big soft upholstered lounge chair that works well.

My greatest success happens during my moontime when I am menstruating. At that time I feel a substantial quantitative increase in the internal heat generated by this technique.

SEALING: To seal means to close the chakras (the energy centers of the aura) and the body orifices, with a touch and a visualization. I lightly touch my fingertips to the top of my head, forehead, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, throat, between my breasts, solar plexus, genitals, anus and feet. With each touch I visualize a circle closing, like the petals of a flower closing for the night. I finish the seal by drawing a circle around myself. I pass my hands over my heart center, over my head, along my body, under my feet, and back to my heart center. At the same time I visualize a blue light trailing from my fingertips, making a blue oval to enclose me.

When I seal before masturbating or making love, I feel an increase of heat in my heart and genitals; and I don't feel tired or drained or lonely or scared when I'm done - I feel warm and cherished, by myself or by my partner.

I also find that if I do not seal or protect myself during my moontime, I experience a much more severe exhaustion after using this technique, a 'loss of energy' similar to that which my partner describes when he ejaculates frequently. I hear from a lot of Tantric writers that male bodies must conserve their energy, but that female bodies may give endlessly; from my experience I do not find that statement to be true. Female bodies also lose fluids.

BREATHING RHYTHMICALLY: I use a 6-3-6-3 pattern. I inhale for six heartbeats, hold the air in my lungs for three heartbeats, exhale for six, and rest without breathing for three. An easier and more common pattern is to inhale for four beats and exhale four beats.

Whenever I do any kind of magic, I use this breath pattern, so for me it's linked to feeling sacred and powerful. It also makes me breathe more deeply, which relaxes me. Breathing meditation in general helps me clear my mind. Later, there will be a time to generate images. For now, I want to clear out extraneous material. I'm not going to think about the article I'm writing or what I'm making for dinner. I'm going to make love to myself, and only that. The breathing helps me to concentrate.

AUTOEROTIC STIMULATION: The first step in actually making self-love is to stimulate myself and watch while I'm doing it. I'm not talking about just stimulation of the clitoris (or penis) by hand - I rub my body against the surface I'm on - earth or sand or soft cloth. I stroke the whole of my body, and suck whatever I can comfortably reach with my mouth. The quality of this touch is light, gentle and cherishing ... which doesn't mean that it isn't passionate, only that it is not perfunctory or violent.

HEIGHTENED PLEASURE: Just before I climax, I stop. I visualize a column of gold or white energy rising from my genitals to my heart center hot.

When I stop the physical stimulation just short of contraction, I get some of the same effects as in full-orgasm. I feel sensation in my clitoris, a sense of my body trembling slightly, a brief cessation of thought, and perhaps one or two very small vaginal contractions. My partner experiences similar effects, including penile contractions. However, I don't allow myself a full set of contractions, and he doesn't allow himself ejaculation. We call this 'climax without ejaculation' and 'climax without contractions.' (Obviously, our language isn't set up to discuss this.)

This (hopefully specific) description does not convey the pleasure of the experience. This is a smaller-scaled orgasm, not as intense or as uncontrollable as a full orgasm, but still fun.

When I start a session, I require some stimulation and time to climax (without contraction) the first three times. Thereafter, I experience a sort of perpetual state of almost-climax (with contraction). I become very physically quiet, limiting stimulation to clitoris only, and hit a series of peaks of intense pleasure.

Parenthically, my partner reports a very recent experience. He's getting a climax with partial ejaculation. He reports the sensations and penile contractions are slightly less intense than all-out orgasm. The ejaculate is a different color: clear, not white. There is no loss of erection or arousal. We don't know what's going on here biologically. It is, at this point, an involuntary experience.

The advantage of being able to make love while retaining a more or less indefinite state of arousal is obvious. Tantric masturbation is a good place to learn, where no one will be upset if you go over the edge, and where the learning can progress more quickly because you're in complete control.

VISUALIZATION: The second stage of making love to myself is to generate imagery. I close my eyes and lift my head so that my spine is more or less straight. In my mind's eye, I see a column of gold or white light rising from my genitals, along my spine, through the chakras, and out through the top of my head to a globe two or three hand-widths above. At the same time I feel an increase of internal heat where the column passes, until my central body, from genitals to head, is a flame.

Some people refer to this as 'rousing Kundalini.' They visualize the flame as a serpent raising its body. This is supposed to bring enlightenment. It is also supposed to make the entire body shake uncontrollably, and to be dangerous to do without the guidance of a master.

I experienced that kind of reaction once. It did frighten me. I stopped, and it immediately went away. I have a friend who experienced this kind of vibration in a chakra meditation and thought, 'Wonderful! I'm doing something right.' So I think that what a guide might do is explain that the reaction is normal and safe. This is useful to me, as I don't know any Tantric masters. Most writers, however, say to go out and find yourself one.

Indian Tantric mythology talks about a dancer, Shiva, and his snake, Shakti. They create the Universe. I know another myth: Eurynome, the Goddess, who danced in The Void and formed Ophion, the Snake, from the wind. They created the Universe also.

I use both images. The idea is to raise the Kundalini in my spine ( the snake) up to my crown chakra (the dancer) and to unite them. The snake coils around the dancer's legs, body, genitals, and chest, licking the dancer's face. I imagine how a snake would feel coiled around my own body of light, slippery, and moist with my sweat, undulating rhythmically.

Alternatively, I see a being of light whose outlines dissolve in radiance, neither male nor female, remote from me, infinitely compassionate, with me and yet apart, stretching hands out to almost touch me, imparting great love and wisdom.


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