Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

T H E   P O W E R   O F   E V I L

By Charles Manson (San Quentin, 1987)

Self-Portrait by Charles Manson One cannot do evil unless they can do good - One must see beyond both to understand the power - if all your life you live in green and one day not knowing any other color you're thrown in a world with nothing but yellow and ask where would you want to live, yellow or green -

The Fear would run back to green - The evil free nature without fear would say yellow- Now, on the other hand if the mind was raised a lifetime in between yellow and green and told yellow is bad Evil and green is good and nice- the true free nature would want to touch green and feel the fear and excitement of it. It would be new thrills and if taught guilt would go back to yellow and punish itself within its thought patterns - On the 3rd hand if all of a sudden from yellow and green all the colors were opened up to that brain:

1) It would go mad and lose all its patterns

2) The free nature without fear would think it heaven.

There are guidelines to Evil. After the illusion of good and bad as programmed are taken away from the brain with concepts of good and evil gone you're in the brain of a child again- yet as the endless struggle goes on pushed and pulled by soulless grown ups trying to get the childs brain back into money fear and whatever it is that each grownup has in that brain - REAL Evil comes into play - One must be able to create to be evil - Create in such a way that it does not come back and fall upon the source. This is done in circles 5-7-8; sometimes 9-13-33 and 50-390 can be used but to get that many people in the truth would be hard to do in the world as it is today - to five five honest people over ten years would be no easy trip. Honest to self in the world as it is would be called mentally retarded - a fool, clown, etc.

An illusion to some may be a death reality to others. A play on a stage may invoke madness somewhere else as it may circle the stage and be in the streets behind the stage plays - There are looks that kill and motions of a finger that can destroy much. The wave of a hand the wearing of a hat or the color of socks and shoes - the MIND is endless and set in total perfection - PERFECTION - and beyond human brains stuck in green and yellow.

There are colors yet to be created we each percieve in a balance of what our minds are ready for - We say theer are only 92 of this or 44 winds 13 moons but really what you call evil has no guidelines to its points of now and its methods have never played out to an end because there is no End, it only begins.

Good ends in death. What would happpen to each brain if it found out that it truly couldn't die - that in the most real of reals they could do anything and never die. I'll tell you... Total Evil. Total madness holds guidelines in the patterned brain; take the fear down and madness comes in to dance and feast. Our true nature is evil but we are taught, trained, and programmed against our own nature by the fears of grownups. We are told its bad to lie and not to lie yet we are always lied to.

Until we believe everyone lies- then the circle of people that don't lie and keep the knowledge buy and sell us in and for games left over by wars - as most brains look up to death and call their fears love and vice versa. and fewer yet understand and do something else- A dog with big teeth hits a child with it tail when no grownups are looking. The dog sets the mind of the child and understands humans and their brains more than the humans - They play good guys because their food and life depends on humans - but take them to the woods and they bite and kill rabbits, squrrels, and reflect the other side of nature itself - Dogs like humans have lost the true sense of nature and survival. Human brains are programmed by past thoughts and locked to love their fear and fear their love. So beyond Good and Evil there is only as much good as you can do for yourself - you can do no real good unless you can do evil - Why?

Because if a brain is stuck in what's taught as good it can do no evil or good because it is stuck with no choice and/or no real sense of either good and/or evil. A body's brain must be free from ego or in control of ego games in order to make the choice themselves - Doing good is easy. Doing evil takes more effort more creative work and then one must know how to stand back from the rewards. LIKE one must realize a perfect universe within oneself. Even if you realize there is no real self you can pick up a self and be a perfect love a perfect hate a balance finer than a spiders web. You're the God who rules over that domain that world and anyone who breaks your will you put them on the evil side of the line - The ones that will not respond o your life and have no respect for your being then all your inner power is moving to balance that with the Evil.

A personal judgment is NOT needed and a danger to the source of perfection must always be in the balance - Your low self or bad guy mirror is used to reflect the bad and good to reflect the real self in a love - Like never sacrafice the center of your circle - Create circles outside the love and step from them leaving them to Ka - if you can be a spider or transcend the human brain and put your life in a spider and you send that spider to bite someone and they don't have that coming the spider will circle and come back at you with a perfect balance. Like when that Hindu burnt me and I lived - their leader in India was shot and killed and 2500 people were burnt up in a fire - His evil reflected back. The interplay of human has little to do with the reality of real life - Everyone and everything is controlled by something or someone else - Where evil and good starts and ends in balance and harmony beyond all the words and thought patterns.


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