Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

M   A   G   I   C   K

By Coyote 23

What might be called thee conventional magician, say those trained in thee Golden Dawn, will spend a great deal of time and effort undergoing mental discipline training, thus enabling them to induce altered states of awareness such as trances.

Thee Golden Dawn system places strong emphasis on astral projection. Thee 'ordinary' persons (myself) reaction to this approach is 'I can't do that.' It's only after a long time, if at all, that you see any results. Perhaps we don't have thee necessary commitment but then why should we when its value can only be seen once you've done it. Lots of people dabble in magick but get no further. Also thee results and practise of such systems seem irrelevant to and in conflict with everyday life. This is not to undervalue mental discipline, but simply to say that most poeple don't have sufficient or thee commitment and desire to develop it. Sex magick provides a more accessible approach. Combining immediate results with a system of mental training.

Being more accessible it reduces thee need for Gurus and given thee individual a chance to develop. This is still a method of mental training or psychic development, to help intergrate Thee Self.

Now as I've tried to indicate such experiences of integration do occur naturally in 'normal life.' This is thee great value of using sex in acts of magick. It bases thee action on altered psychic states which are readily acheived and could be familiar if you bother to look at them. Such states, continuous reminders of our wholeness, do occur naturally in a number of forms to everyone. Even if they are difficult to induce or control they will still happen. Thee important point is that anyone can and does experience greatly altered/enlightened states of awareness. You don't have to be a great adept. Anyone can, during certain periods, be that Integrated whole self. You use thee energies released to direct every area of your life.

Enjoy your Self ... you are whole.


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