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No matter how often we stress that thee Temple seeks to create a sense ov fierce individuality, that it is for each Individual to redefine and redesign TOPY within themselves to meet their own needs, thee questions still arise:

What is TOPY?
What is thee Psychick Cross?
What is thee significance ov 23?

It seems that there is still a need, or at least a belief that such things should be cast in black and white, for a clear, concise description ov exactly how TOPY should be viewed, ov how its signs and symbols should be interpreted. Not that such questions can be answered, certainly not in a way that would remain specific enough to satisfy thee enquiring, yet broad enough to remain true to thee multitude ov Individuals who make up thee Temple. As we have said before, and no doubt will say again, TOPY exists to promote a system ov functional, demystified magick, utilising both pagan and modern techniques. It is a process ov individual and collective experimentation and research with no finite answers, dogmas or unchallengeable truths. It is for each to discover his or her own understanding ov thee questions that suggest themselves, and through that voyage ov discovery to find their personal and true identity, thee True Will. To set down on paper pre-packaged responses would be to deny thee opportunity for self-expression, to defeat thee purpose for which we are all striving. Worse than this, it would take away thee fun, thee simple joy ov finding things out for ourselves.

Thee following texts are drawn from a variety ov sources, but all deal with thee most common questions that are asked. Some are written by Individuals with considerable experience ov TOPY methods, others by those who are new to thee Temple. Some are taken from letters clarifying ideas or criticising TOPY, others from more general places. We have taken much from thee many responses we have had to thee Skills Access form all Temple Individuals are asked to complete. Thee views expressed are entirely those ov thee individual authors. They have been edited to fit into thee structure ov this booklet, but in all cases we have taken care not to distort what has been said, or to interpret what we as individuals may find unclear. This is thee Temple talking to thee Temple - a communion and communication ov Individuals to Individuals.

Before we go further, it should be remembered that people are attracted to TOPY for many different reasons, that there is nothing consistent, nothing to categorise. There are those who claim to know nothing, and those who presume to know it all. This changes in time, as thee Temple draws out strengths and eliminates weaknesses.

Everyone, without exception, who gets in touch with thee Temple is urged to demonstrate their interest by setting out their own thoughts and ideas, a first step in showing a commitment to what thee Temple stands for. We are pleased that those who think they know little are at least as able to respond as those with greater experience. There is no "right response", and no shame in honesty. We thank all those who have contributed to thee publication ov this booklet, and urge everyone who reads it to follow their lead. As information flows in, so we will ensure that it flows out. That is thee meaning ov Feedback, a continuity ov expression flowing both in and out, creating a new understanding, a new sound, a new dimension.


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