Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

T H E E    T E S T I M O N Y    O V    A    S I G I L I Z E R

By Coyote 246

This seems to E to be a typical story, but E still find it to be a source ov personal motivation. It is thee proof ov magick in thee pudding of E mind.

E worked the weekend shift at a group home for schizophrenics. E was usually thee only staff there, so E had a lot ov time alone. E had just finished "Practictal Sigil Magick" by Frater U.D., and wanted to take thee initial step that we all must perform to travel this path. Thee next meds dispension wasn't for a few more hours, so E had thee office all to Eself. Locked thee door, pulled thee blinds, played with thee letters, played with Eself and blew Ov all over thee floor. E then banished with laughter, took thee sigil into the basement and burned it. E had a hard time resisting thee urge to take a final look. E tried to put this strange technique to thee test. E wanted something material and specific. This seemed to be an impossibility at thee time as E, and everyone known, were poor college students. Nevertheless, when E went home one and half days later, there it was, sitting on thee floor, having been lent to a roommate from friends of hers. E've been touching sigils ever since.

Lessons Learned

Control ov mind iz essential. Thee statement ov desire haunted mE for that day and a half. E researched meditiation, and eventually enacted a program.

It seems that, for E, chaos magick works best for materialistic desires. Odd, considering E'm not very materialistic.

Masturbating at work has always been empowering (a prior lesson from long boring periods of guard duty in the military). But, masturbatory magick at work made E feel godlike! wE learned that assisting chaos az it seeps thru thee cracks ov control iz both fun and profitable.


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