Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

S U N - D E A T H    R I T U A L

By Tzeenj

Prior to this Working I went thru an intense period of self-analysis in which I reviewed my life, dredged up every painful/unpleasant memory that I could and sigilized them. Result- multiple sheets of paper all covered in a couple thousand sigils.

O.K. period of time-12 hours. Started out, going out into a nice quiet area where I wouldn't be disturbed. Only provisions that I'd brought along consisted of a bottle of water. Removed clothes (I did this last December, mind you- not at all comfortable), set up area: Dug out an area 6 feet by 3 feet by one foot deep. Dug fire pit off to one side. Used displaced dirt for altar. Placed tools on altar. Lined bottom with twigs, put piles of leaves around edges. Set circle of gathered stones around ritual area. Traced various and sundry Deity/Force/Concept sigils around perimeter and made offerings to each. Placed talisman representing Working on ground at opposite end from altar.

Went thru "warm up"- Banishing/Charging. Evoked Servitors. Began by Evoking and Binding and/or Banishing four personal Demons that I'd identified and built up forms for over the previous months. (essentially figured out their Elemental correspondences and used the opposite Force against them). Gathered the material bases and placed them in the (unlit) fire pit along with all of my Magickal tools that I knew for a fact I wouldn't ever need again and the aforementioned sheets of sigil papers. Fashioned a cross out of sticks and placed it in the middle of the heap. Next, performed a variant of the Chod ritual- calling up and confronting myself and allowing my current self to be destroyed. Did this via pathworking/visualization during intense trance (seething combined with effects of cold and blood-sugar drop due to lack of food). Bound dead self to previously prepared material base and tied it to the cross. Lit fire pit, allowed everything in it to burn while directing energy to create "new self" form. Invoked new form into self. Allowed fire to burn out while in deep meditation/contemplation. Laid down in hole on branches, covered self with leaves and re-entered trance. Remained in this position until timer went off signalling the end of 12 hours. During this time, had a lovely vision of projecting up into space wrapped in womb-like structure- new self gestating. Rebanished, closed, gathered stuff up, buried ashes,filled in pits, dispersed entity sigils, essentially left area the way that I found it. Went home feeling like crap. Lyl promptly started stuffing food into my mouth. Went to bed. Felt 1000% better next morning.

All in all I counted this Working as a great success, an extremely liberating experience on every level.


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