Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

S O M E T H I N G   N E W ! ! !


The kids they want something new, magick has entered a stasis where when you are doing it, you don't need books no more, but in order to practise effectively you have to paradigm shift through a lot of genres and sub-genres, to effectively study the processes of magick and apply the art by doing. Magick exists as a state of mind a belief that you have to immerse yourself within in order to fully experience the geist of the current - experience is the best experience. As long as you can get it to work for you and you can get results - then, we are experiencing a positive feedback loop.

Sigils exist everywhere within dreaming, montage scratch video, video games, graffiti, etc. Too many practitioners let themselves to be taken to rapture by the commodified "currents" (read: labels and logos you want to identify with within the magickal cottage industry), like passing fashions, what's new this year, etc. Magick is timeless from the days of shamanism to the cybermagick practised through technological applications which arrange sigils for you; dream machines for free, Radionics, Subliminal Frequencies Psychotronic Programs, etc. Nowadays you don't even have to buy hard copy books you can pick most of them up on the Web for free on file share websites.

There are people who do workings whilst using Messenger programs with their allies. The Internet has changed Magick, through it's liberation it has given kids locked in strange domestic familial situations the power of self-awareness, individutated alchemies, emotional engineering, reality hacking, etc. Above all, as Christopher Penczak has noted, the computer exists for some as a Giant Electric God, Spider Entity, etc.

We are now within the ecstatic throes of a global cultural revolution which had its roots seeded in Marshall McLuhan, Theodore Rozsak, and Information and Cybernetics. The Information Model of Magick exists everywhere from NLP to Hypnotism and Ericksoninian Hypnosis to the proposed worlds of the Noosphere, Memetic Engineering, Word Viruses, etc. This is indeed Words Made Flesh as in say visualizing sigils as in servitor creation and they are born propelled through an ideosphere for their service and their work. Spells are cast sometimes and metaphorised as computer-like programs... indeed computers and AI have liberated the current. By AI we mean Artificial Intelligence, and what the hell is a Godform anyhow but an AI catering to its devotees? This brings us to theories of how the world may act as a huge simulation (hence the popularity of "The Matrix" which I have plundered for astral work and invocations) and ever popular theories of everything from Quantum Physics to Superstrings to whatever Gnosis one can attribute within a mathematical mental construct - the brain the ultimate eidolon or egregore.

My personal favourite exists as the Holographic Theory of Everything - others may disagree I'm sure, whatever - take your pick form the supermarket shelves of ideological restraints and beliefs and reality tunnels, or make your own. Why use someone else's system when you can birth your own from whatever sources as Nietzsche has said "You Have Chaos within you." Use whatever ideospheres and eidolons and egregores bring the most effective results! I've plundered from Spare, Carroll, Hine, Manga, Horror, Sci Fi, Television Archetypes, etc. It doesn't have to exist as doom core magick, it could exist as martial arts, Silva Mind Control, Psy Pog, etc. Say whatever imprinted on to you heavily from your childhood you can reclaim that and use it to your advantage. You favourite toys, your favourite videos, your favourite films, your favourite fantastical archetypal imprints. You don't have to plunder strange new worlds that evoke older worlds, use what you hold dear. We are a product from our childhood, why not reclaim it back, imagine say Snoopy Dog Servitors as opposed to archaic Goetic Archetypes, or Dr Who Thought Forms for Divination, etc. As the "World" Tarot Card dictates "Anything is Possible!" People don't want the Necronomicon anymore, you have to be a Lovecraft devotee in the first place in order to fully enter the zeitgeist of the current of the Old Ones.

What attracted me to Sigil Magick in the 1st place is it demystified the strands that weave the archaic dusty tomes of Magick and Arcana and that it worked extremely well... the only lessons you can learn from are your mistakes. To progress you have to understand semantics, linguistics and a positive structuring of language. You have to adopt a positive mental attitude within the Arena of Anon when you apply your arts lest you become a slave to negativity. The new Arena is Art whether it's the mediaverse or the Noosphere or its modelled memetic engineering virus outbreaks through entertainment as films, comics, books, samizdats on obscure websites read by intrepid Future Reality Hackers, paintings, art, etc. It's through the process of creativities that we can usher in newer and exciting visions and panoramas and currents if you want to act hyper dramatic about it.

Magick should exist as play and also as work. To create is the highest accolade and to display mementos of your time tracks frozen in moments in time, the ultimate in rapport with your higher selves and the global libertarian alliances. Here the word and the mediaverse is the new magickal zeitgeist. To the trenches of memetic warfare my friends!!!


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.