Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

H G A    -    S L A A N E S H    RITE

By Tzeenj

Operation 1:

Started out with one month of intensive self-observation/analysis in order to I.D. personal demons and areas of deficiency and synthesize forms therefor. Concluded with Tree of Life Tarot spread to gain any required extra insight afore proceding.

Operation 2:

Decided to use the SSS Temple again for this one...

Begin with opening rite, purification bathing w. Lylythe (using Florida Water Soap). Prepared meal (lightly seasoned shrimp and chicken over rice with beer). Set up altar with Legba and Oshun candles, intense Lylythe-designed incense (Sun and Moon), big black candle that I made out of 4 y-eras worth of accumulated leftover wax, Power Wand, Athame, Pentacle with Sigil talisman to represent the Working and its desired outcome. Dorje, Chalice.

Phase 1- Luna/Slaanesh-
Draw on power of LGA for base of Work. Slow stimulation of each other and linked breathing for 1/2 hour, insertion, no movement except for muscular contractions- focus NRG into and work Chakras for 10 minutes each. I invoke Slaanesh, frenzied sex to orgasm, charge talisman. 1 hour meditation and reflection.

Phase 2- Eclipse.
Work with Gender Polarities. Lylythe invokes Feminine and focussews it into Chalice, I invoke Masculine and focus it into Dorje. Radiate forces and percieve/pheel them in each other. Exchange tools and draw charge into self, visualize self mutating into opposite gender, then blending into androgyne/hermaphrodite. (I found out here that I have some difficulty in invoking purely masculine force). Circulate NRG, allow to reach peak, moderate sex, merge selves in orgasm. Charge talisman, reflect and meditate.

2 hour break- food, booze, et al.

Phase 3- Sol/HGA
Join, linked breathing, circulatye NRG thru Chakra circuits -- 10 minutes each set: my Muladara to my Anahata to her Anahata to her Muladara to my Muladara, Sahasrara to Anahata to Anahata to Sahasrara to Sahasrara, Svadisthana to Anahata to Anahata to Svadisthana, Anahata to Anahata. Call on HGA, invoke into Lylythe . Build NRG, screw like crazed weasels, dissolving in orgasm. This part was particularly intense - the intensity reached genuinely frighteningly levels- a good sign, IMHO.

Invokations used-
These aren't so much original invokations then simple collections of quotes that I used to set my mind in the right state.

Slaanesh: "Lord, God, Lover, Executioner
Shadow Angel of Flesh
Wielder of the Carnal Serpent Power
Using my body as a gateway I call you
Master/Mistress of unknown power and pleasure
The slightest purr of your voice send me into rapture
The scent of your breath unravels my mind
Ia ia ia Slaanesh!
I am Slaanesh!
Desire has no limits other than desire's need
I am the derangement of the senses in ecstatic bliss
SexDeath apotheosis of the impossible
Ruler of all luxury and indulgence, cruel passions and hidden vices
Buiring fire of the Temple of the Loins
I am Slaanesh, confess to your flesh!"

"I am Myself
In service to Myself
Eternally begotten of Myself
I call out to that part of me that has never known defeat
That has never strayed from Will
Muse, elusive Beloved, who creates desire for union
Eternal Source, empowered to a Point
I am He, I am She
There is no difference between Thee and Me
I am infinite Power
I am infionit Ability
Supreme Ultimate Birthless Deathless
I am the Black Flame whose Heart is White
I am the White Flame whose heart is Black
I am above you and within you
Remember who you are
This is Who I am!"

Operation 3: A sort of variation on the Forgotten Ones rite-

Using the Hunger-as-gate principle from the F.O. rite (esp. effective for me as I have a slight blood-sugar problem) - fasted, placed plate of food on altar, undressed, annointed Chakras with a version of Abramelin oil that Lyl made for me (higher concentration of cinnamon oil in it), arms outstretched and bound by my Power Wand and Athame, performed an NRG circulation derived from the Ninth Night Working- diamond patterns starting at crownm, feet and hands, in ever-decreasing areas till it encompasses only the solar plexus- this produced a prickling sensation in that area that helped deepen Gnosis. Held out till I HAD to move, attacked food, opened gate to the entities that I wanted to contact, pact or bind. Interesting- Slaanesh appeared, ate Lust, Desire and Curiousity, smiled at me and left (well, they're Hirs anyways). Confronted my Nemisis ( a Fear entity that had been annoying me periodically for about 2 y-eras) and , using my Purba and Power Wand, managed to bind it into a talisman. Entered into dialogue with other entities and managed to negotiate successfully with them. All in all a successful, if uncomfortable ritual.

Operation 4-

Once a day performance of a personalized streamlined Bornless ritual of mine. Opened with Death Posture (Stephen Mace was right- doing this on a daily basis for a while does tend to cause unpleasant rise in heart rate- luckily I'd recently picked up a trick to counter this) Barbaric Words replaced with my own Words, created an Oroboros headband inscribed with my personal Alphabet to wear during, while reciting, assumed posture and circulation from Ninth Night -- envisioning my psyche as a sort of hybrid Orphic Egg/HPK egg. At climax, resisted HGA force as long as I could, when overcome, triggered image of Phanes bursting out of the egg. At last performance, I had taken the headband off and put it around my wrists and snapped it at the bursting point.

Well, I really can't sum up the results in any effective, articulate way - a feeling of deeper integration, access to more inner resources, more direction - being steered towards new areas and being directed to consolidate old Work, increase in luck and ability? Definite positive results, just hard to explain.

I'm proud of this Work.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.