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S I G I L   M A G I C K   P A R T   1

A personal perspective
By Soror Osira
Part 1 of 2

What can be expanded on sigil magick except to delve into the personal experiences of those that have practiced it? Sigils have been around for centuries and have been used to tap into planetary energies, command spirits, charge talismans, and for personal gain and growth.

Most us here are quite adept in magick, so, to completely delve into every historical reference will turn this into a "book" or put the dear reader to sleep.

To refresh briefly, a sigil is a seal or sign an analogic example of any words or name or emotion. Some occult scholars claim that the recorded earliest sigils were from "The Sword of Moses", also the six and seventh book of Moses, The Black Pullet, and the infamous, Arbatel of Magic. However though these may be some of the earliest books on sigils, they have been used for centuries prior.

Shamans, witchdoctors and tribesman, have used sigils and painted them on their bodies. Have you ever daydreamed and scribbled something on a pad of paper, or was mad and drew dark circles with your pen or pencil? These are sigils. They are uncharged or usually destroyed once your paper is thrown away, but they are sigils just the same.

There are many methods to create a sigil and there are traditional methods to obtain a sigil. Examples of sigils are the olympic planetary spirits and intelligences, angelic sigils, magic squares, and enochiana. I can't stress enough the importance to study all methods.

Sigils are used in advertising and our daily world of subconcious programming. Just think of the Golden Arches, or Arm & Hammer. Glyphs are used everywhere in street signs, colors are also powerful programming tools, can you imagine a purple stop sign? Or crossing the street when it says "GO" but the light turns blue and not green. Sigils and glyphs have a powerful effect on our everyday mundane world, so much so, a magicians can use similar methods to program his or her mind and cause desired changes. We are so unaware of how much our mind is triggered by glyphs, sigils, logos, and power words. Whatever key fits to unlock your will, and focus your mind can also be the key to self destruct. My story encompasses both.

My sigil magick technique would have killed me last March.

Not in 1999, or 2001, but just last March.

Our minds are programmed in basically four ways. Some of us are a mixture or hybrid, as an example, when we have a problem that needs to be "focused on" we

1. LEADER - Just DO what it takes and forget about it.
"I'll just take care of it now", "Let me handle it", "No worries", "If I want to do something right I will do it myself".

2. WORRIER - Focus and obsession.
"Damn, I gotta do all this stuff on my list" "Don't forget...dont forget"

3. SLOW BUT SURE - Co dependent or interdependent, or researcher, skeptic.
"I have to discuss this with so and so", "I have to "think" about this", "HELP", "I have to compare, read, etc. ".

4. CREATIVE, CHAOTIC, looks and synthesizes all elements, and open to all.

Sigil magick unlocks the strongest programming of your mind at solving your problem, creating a focus so intense and so "painless" that it works effortlessly. You don't need faith, philosophy, or be a high farting degree magician. This is a natural mental magick that is in all of us. Once we understand the roots of it, usages, and methods, and how it can be compatible to your mental or magical process, it will be a custom designed resource for you.

Modern methods, techniques, chaos theories, magical alphabet and my experience.


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