Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

S E X    M A G I C K    P O P P E T    B I N D I N G    R I T E

By Coyote 433

Here's one from my journal, dated October 18th, 2005. I hope it's entertaining, maybe even useful. Incidently, this ritual was based on a poppet binding ritual I found on the Temple X website.

(My side of the story)
The purpose of this ritual was to bind (Target) to Amy, my wife's, will.

First, we formulated the Statement of Intent: I DO WILL TO BIND (TARGET) TO MY DESIRES. I then had Amy fashion a poppet from clay, telling her to concentrate on (TARGET) while creating the clay figure. I told her to make it, in essence, become (TARGET). I also had her give it well-defined ears, so she could "tell it her will" each morning before work.

Next, I gave her the written SOI, and a copy of Frater U.D.'s book, "High Magic", directing her to the explanation of how to create a word sigil, which she read and then followed the directions.

Took the poppet, with sigil on it, the string to bind it, a few candles, an index card with the mantra for her to chant (see below), some incense, and my rosary to the bedroom.

Then we drank. Beer for me, she had wine. We talked about the ritual, and how it would go. We'd already agreed that orgasm was the best way to achieve gnosis in this working. A nice buzz for each of us ensued, and we began.

Simple Banishing by smudging the area rather unceremoniously.

Began having sex. Amy visualized the target into the poppet; every characteristic, looks, emotions, strengths, weaknesses. The poppet became the target for her. While doing this she chanted the mantra DINTHOQUAFF XIQUAL DIBONGOFF UPAWAN IXODEFAR [dinthoquaff-power; upawan-as you become; ixodefar-shape; dibongof-will; xiqual-phenomenizing.]

During this, I concentrated on invoking chaos energy, repeating the mantra XIQUAL UDINBAK (manifest chaos)until I reached orgasm, at which point I channeled all my energy into her. (At this point I was way into gnosis and kind of dazed.)

Amy then immediately bound the poppet with the string and concentrated on the sigil until she reached orgasm.

Banished by Laughter....... fell out

(Amy's side of the story)
I asked D. to help me gain control of Target. He suggested the above-described process of creating a poppet to bind him to my will, so that I would be able at any time to affect him. D. advised me to fashion a doll that would incorporate Person X's physical features and focus intensly on "making" the doll the person. This I did incoporating a parody of Target's physical features, with exaggerated ears and no mouth. I also made a parody of Target's favorite piece of jewelery, which Target never removes. I then created a sigil using the statement of intent and placed it on the doll's belly. Meanwhile I drank a decent quantity of Mogan David grape wine, a family favorite with many happy associations.

We decided that D. would orgasm first, giving me his energy, which I would then channel into the doll with mine. While D. worked toward his orgasm, I focused all my energy into the mantra, and into "making" the doll into Person X; also, I kept my palms tightly clenched to retain D.'s energy. After he orgasmed I Bound the poppet with yarn, visualizing the yarn as my will. While working toward my orgasm, I opened my palms toward the poppet, so that my energy would flow into the doll. At the point of orgasm I stared intently at the sigil on the doll's belly, and made no sound (hard.) We banished with laughter as best we could, and fell asleep.

I gave the poppet a good cursing first thing in the Amym., and warned it specifically not to tell me to "smile" today; sure enough, Target never told me to smile, though this is something he does almost daily. Also, though Target did pass a task to me first thing at work, in front of our co-workers, Target seemed ashamed, and tried to defend this action not only to me, but to all, including his superior. When Target returned from lunch, he had brought back steak fillet, chicken and bread he had gotten at a grand opening for a customer; although I told him that I had eaten already, he insisted that I join him in the breakroom. (This has never before happened. Ever.) He wanted to give what we did not eat to his superior, I suggested we give it to one of my co-workers with whom he has a bad relationship and he agreed. Finally, and for me the most rewarding result, was that the task he had passed to me in the Amym., which he had to train me on, involved logging into a webstite. He had planned to train me late in the afternoon, after a meating; however, an auditor caught him straight after the meating and chewed him good over an account I had repeatedly warned him about. So, with only a few minutes until quitting time, he tried to log onto the website, he tried repeatedly and failed, eventually having to reboot several times. I laughed out loud at him and he actually told me to shut up, (which he has NEVER done), he said goddamn it (a first). I could truly feel that Target was beginning to crack. I finally left work with the task undone."

There was actually more as far as results, but that gives an idea of what went on.


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