Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

S E X   M A G I C K   E V O K A T I O N

By Tzeenj

Evokation Rite:

This only describes the actual Evokation itself. What to do with the entity once it appears is, of course, up to you.

Set up Temple- the Temple of Shadows lighting effect can aid greatly in creating the proper atmosphere and in deepening trance (this involves draping the area around the ritual space with white cloth and setting up a candle at two sides of the space to create a shadow-play effect). Set up Mirror- this will be used as a means to contact and visualize the entity to be Evoked. (If one wants to adapt from classical Evokation, the Mirror can be placed in a Triangle with the Entity's Sigil below it). Place a candle on each side of the Mirror - this will also add to the visuals and distortion effect. Incense burning in a way that will allow the smoke to flow over the Mirror's surface. If one wants, one can perhaps use appropriate music (trance-induction sounds Work nicely, avoid comprehensible words, tho, as they may prove counter-productive). Appropriate scented oils may be worn by participants if desired.

Opening Ritual as you Will.

I prefer to have the Mirror on the floor and to have the participants on a surface (bed, altar, whatever) above the Mirror.

Priestess gets down on shoulders and knees, hips raised. This allows not only a means to keep visual focus on the Mirror but also has the priestess in a comfortable inverted position, allowing blood flow to the head, another trance-enhancing effect. Gazing in to Mirror- lighting effects and smoke helping to deepen trance, mild smoke inhalation may aid in this as well (and if one Wills, substances in the incense can help). Priest takes up position behind priestess and stimulates her from behind using penis, tongue, fingers, whatever. Mantras to entity, recited by any or all participants can aid in focus. Priestess focuses on entity (names attributes, visuals) while gazing deeply at the reflection of her face in Mirror. This, oddly enough, Works in a rather startling way- the reflection may change to match the entity when it arrives. The visuals, scents and sounds don't so much induce trance in and of themselves but aid in deepening the sex trance. As this relies on a.) keeping the priestess's movements to a minimum to aid her focus and b.)relies on keeping her facing the Mirror, operations involving multiple participants would have to be limited to people taking turns stimulating the priestess. One can approach trance-induction in one of two ways- single-orgasm focus, allowing arousal to build over time and summoning the entity with a single final release, or through sexual exhaustion- bringing the priestess to orgasm after orgasm to reach as deep and profound an altered state as possible.

The priestess could acts a prime operator, fully controlling the Work with the entity, other participants simply acting to stimulate her, or another could act as prime operator with the priestess acting simply as medium. Either way Works.

Closing rites as apropos, always remember to thank the entity, pay it with offerings if necessary, and, most importantly, dismiss it.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.