Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

W H A T    I S    S E X    M A G I C K?

By Tzeenj

1.) What is Sex Magick?

Sex Magick is the use of sexuality to produce Magickal results.

For the purposes of this essay, I will use the term "sexuality" to indicate any form of sexual acktivity- from standard sex involving one of more participants to non-ordinary expressions of sexuality that do not necessarily involve stimulation of erogenous zones or even physical contact- things like like energy orgasms or BDSM scenes that don't involve erogenous contact (or any other things that produce sexual response, for that matter) or even celibacy (used by some to create a build-up of power over time).

I would like to take a moment to point out that sex Magick and Tantra are *not* the same thing. Tantra is a full Magickal tradition in and of itself and, while some sects do practice forms of Sex Magick, some do not (even going so far as to practice celibacy) and even those who do use sexuality do not normally limit themselves exclusively to Sex Magick.

2.) How do you do Sex Magick?

Well, as many ways exist as you have practitioners. The basic techniques tend to involve attaining altered states through sexuality (mainly prolonged stimulation and/or orgasm) or raising and directing energy thereby.

Some basic examples follow- these don't represent the only ways, of course:

Evocation- inducing trance to contact the entity, using energy to create a form for the entity to assume or using trance to visualize and contact or build up an entity form.

Invokation- using orgasm or prolonged trance to allow the entity to enter the body of the practitioner. One need not do the aspecting one's self- one can also do Devotional Work involving one's partner assuming the role of the entity.

Enchantment- creating a Sigil representing the practitioner's desire and charging it with orgasm.

Divination- using altered state to receive information thru channeling, visions, etc.

Illumination (Work of self-change)- this area is so individual that it would depend almost entirely upon the practitioner and type of Work done.

Charging items- many charge tools,. Talismen, etc by anointing them with sexual and other bodily fluids (saliva, menstrual blood, etc).

3.) Can I practice Sex Magick by myself?

Yes, solo practice Works perfectly well- many practitioners do this, even those who have partners. In some cases, partnered Work may not seem apropos to the operation. Many regard Working alone as the best way when you first start out- it helps you to get a feel for what you're doing.

4.) Is Sex Magick dangerous?

I'd argue that all Magick is dangerous. Sex Magick in and of itself not necessarily more or less than any other form. I would recommend, however, that you make sure you have a good solid idea of where you stand sexually- preferences, orientation, etc. Sexuality carries with it a lot of personal and cultural baggage and one may find one's self confronting taboos that one had no idea one had before,. Sex Magick also tends to tap in to raw, primal force and may open doors in unsuspected areas of the psyche.

As an aside, I'd like to go on record as stating that one should take normal "safe-sex" precautions in to account. No amount of shielding will stop HIV. Contraception should also be taken in to account if desired.

5.) What does one need to practice Sex Magick?

A body and a mind. No special tools required unless you feel the need to use them.

6.) Who can practice Sex Magick?

Anyone who wants to. Depends entirely upon where your beliefs stand. Not only can individuals practice alone, the practice of Sex Magick is not dependant on the sexual orientation of the participant(s). Hetero-, Homo- or Bi-sexual the only limits are one's own.

7.)What traditions practice Sex Magick?

Strangely, it seems that many do- Thelema, Afro-Caribbean, some WitchCraft Trads, Northern Traditions (esp. Seidr), Satanists, Greco-Roman Trads (Dionysian, etc.), Tantra (Hindu and Buddhist), Gnostic(Ophite, Caineite, Barbelite) , Taoist, Chaote, some interpretations of Hermetic Alchemy.

It seems that where one finds Magick, one finds Sex Magick.

8.) Do you need to be part of an established relationship to practice Sex Magick?

Well, personally, I've found that it helps to have a partner who you have a strong bond with but that just reflects my wiring. It depends on the individual practitioner and approach- some may find the Work easier with an established long-term partner, some may find it easier with casual or even anonymous partners, and some may find different approaches Work better for different operations. So- no, you do not have to be part of an established relationship to do Sex Magick unless you feel it necessary, and no, you do not have to Work with one partner exclusively unless you feel it necessary.

9.) Does one's partner need to be in on it?

Well, some regard this as a point of contention. While I would say that it depends on one's ethics, some find it acceptable to do Sex Magick without informing their partner, some don't, I do have to say that it is certainly possible to do, it would depend on one's personal ethics as to whether or not it is permissible to do.

10.) Where can I find more information?

Well, here is a list of books that you may find useful:

"Modern Sex Magick" by Donald Michael Kraig
Does the service of compiling much of the basic information on the topic under one set of covers.

Mantak Chia's "Taoist Secrets of Love" (for males) and "Healing Love Through the Tao" (for females). The latter co-written with Mannewan Chia.
Taoist body and energy Work- some of the best material on the topic, with a slant towards the practical rather than theoretical.

"Sexual Magic" by Katon Shual
Good overview of the topic, some material on Kundalini Work as well.

"Sexual Magic" by P B Randolph
Good early (pre-Crowley) work on the topic, contains information on use of tools like Magick Mirrors, perfumes and Fluid Condensers not found anywhere else.

"Undoing Yourself", "Secrets of Western Tantra", "Sex Magick, Tantra and Tarot" by Christopher Hyatt
Neo-Reichian bodywork and Illuminatory Sex Magick- these three books in order form a program of personal Work.

"New Flesh Palladium" by Robert North
An excellent history of Sex Magick and an overview of some of the more extreme expressions of Sexual Magick.

"Secrets of Western Sex Magick" by Fr U:.D:.
An excellent, practically-oriented book covering all of the essentials.

"Carnal Alchemy"-Crystal Dawn and Stephen Flowers
Best single resource for BDSM-inclined Sex Magick

"Sexual Secrets" by Nik Douglas
Excellent compilation of texts and techniques including the "Kama Sutra", "Perfumed Garden", "Ananga Ranga" and several Taoist texts. Not necessarily Sex Magick in and of itself but still an excellent resource to add to any Sex Magician's library. One caveat, tho- does contain some homophobic sentiments.


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