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T H E    R E V O L V E R    A S    M A G I C K

By Coyote 2, 1987
From Essays on Intuitive Magick

The handgun is not exclusively an instrument of death. Through its use, the hand (Will) can be merged with the eye (Imagination). It is thus a tool for magick whose usefulness in the occult has, to the best of my knowledge, never been explored. So let's take a look at some of the symbolism behind the words, actions,, and characteristics of handgun use.

For the purposes of this short essay, we will consider only the revolver, because it retains the six (=solar) shells to be ejected at will after firing. The word "shell" translates into Hebrew as "Qlipoth", the hollow beings that inhabit the shadowy region between day and night, Spare's "Neither-neither". Spent shell casings, being the "dead head" after firing at a desire, make excellent souvenirs or talismans of a ritual. After firing, they can be used as talismans for sigils to excellent effect. The actual name "revolver" implies the circles of Time exemplified by KALI. The revolver thus makes some very direct connections to esoteric Tantric practices.

We will now give an example of practical handgun magick. On a large piece of paper, symbolize a desire as the center of a target. Then symbolize the ACTION neccesary to attain the desire on a very small piece of paper, such as a rolling paper. Annoint both as you would any sigil, focussing all your attention on the achievement of your goal. Then take an unfired shell and remove the copper-jacketed slug. Pour out about half of the powder. Wad the small sigil into a little ball and drop it into the shell. You may wish at this point to mark the outside of the shell with a design which symbolizes the completion of desire. Pour the rest of the powder on top of your symbol. You now have your desire lying surrounded by gunpowder (fire or Mars) contained within brass (Mercury) this symbolizes active magical Will. Replace the slug on the shell casing. Your active will is now capped by lead (=Saturn) enclosed within a copper (=Venus) jacket. There is actually a second cap beneath (as above, so below) which ignites mars (sic) to begin the magical process (the primer cap) as well as the cap above which completes the process. The cap is a symbol of Mercury. So we see that Mercury begins, ends and encloses the desire at hand.

Into the soft lead of the slug tip, carve a design, which when united with the symbol on the target, will render success inevitable. You are now ready to begin your ritual.

Place the target in the direction which you think best symbolizes the intent of your working. Draw a magick circle around you and face the direction of the target. Turn one direction clockwise and vibrate a name that you associate with that direction (I personally use N-Earth "Coyote", E-Air "Nrsimhadev", S-fire "Kali", W-water "Atargatis" (a mermaid)) You could just vibrate the name of the element symbolized by that direction. Then fire one shot at the horizon in that direction. Repeat this process until you reach the fourth direction, the direction of your target or desire. Now vibrate the object of the target or anything else which will focus your entire conciousness on the goal.


AIM CAREFULLY. Unite the HAND (Zos) with the EYE (Kia). Breath with yogic regularity and relaxation.

SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. While exhaling, SEE the symbol on the front your slug splatter hot onto the object of desire as you SQUEEZE not pull the trigger - the catalyst, union of hand and eye. To pull the trigger is like sticking your finger in your eye. SQUEEZE the trigger SEE the hand and eye merge, your Will flatten against your DESIRE and puncture it. Trigger dents primer ignites powder burning desire pushing venus (sic) jacketed saturn (sic) slug home to desire and Will united. HEAR the REPORT. Nothing left now but the paperwork - the REPORT. SEE the muzzle flash. SMELL the cordite (=Saturn) - the burned up resistance.

In conclusion, remember all the active, fire PHALLIC symbolism in the handgun. A silver, nickel plated gun symbolizes the moon in her fertile creative ARTEMIS phase. A blued (black) handgun represents the moon in her dark menstrual destructive KALI phase. Thought and "target practice" will eluct many more connections and applications. A heavy cap gun or blanks can be used indoors in any ritual to replace the archaic WAND. FIRE


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