Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

A    P R O S P E R I T Y    S E R V I T O R    R I T U A L

By Coyote 433

Banish by preferred means.

The statement of intent is to create an entity whose purpose is to bring prosperity, health, and wealth. Say SOI and enter into a light trance state through 10 minutes of four-fold breath.

Make a circle (on the altar) using the runes Fehu, Uraz, Sowilo, Berkana, Gebo, Wunjo, and Dagaz.

Fehu is used to bring wealth, good luck and fortune.

Uruz is used for positive strength, courage, physical health, and assertiveness.

Sowilo is a rune of power and strength, and can be used for healing. It can also lend power to any spell that uses it, for focus in directing the spell.

Berkana is seen as a 'mother' rune, to protect and heal home, plants, animals, nature and children.

Gebo is balance. It is used to link runes together for a desired effect.

Wunjo is to apply your force of will. It will help a spell strive to be the best of its type. Combined with Gebo, it can bring joy.

Dagaz is to bring about major and sudden changes.

Recite the following:
"We conjure thee, Circle of Manifestation,
a vortex between the mundane world and the creative force of Chaos;
a conductor of prosperity, wealth, and health;
a shield against all misfortune, poverty, and illness;
a rampart and protection that shall preserve and contain
the power that we raise within thee.
Wherefore do I bless thee, and consecrate thee,
in the names of Fehu, Uraz, Sowilo, Berkana, Gebo, Wunjo, Dagaz."
(Note: The Rune names are vibrated by everyone involved in the ritual.)

Place the physical basis for the servitor inside the circle. Everyone focuses on the goal of prosperity, wealth, and health for themselves and what that means. Everyone visualizes what their prosperous self would be like. Let the energies that have been melded with the runes manifest in the physical basis. As the entity is being formed, be in touch with its consciousness as it grows. Feed it energy.give some of your life breath to the creature through three breaths, visualizing it alive and active. Carve/paint the runes: Fehu, Uraz, Sowilo, Berkana, Gebo, Wunjo, and Dagaz. into the creatures form vibrating the names.

Create sigil from SOI
Name servitor/Create sigil from name
(Note: These sigils are carved/painted on physical basis as well)

Everyone begins vibrating name of servitor, while leader of ritual repeats following:

"N., N. Arise, Awaken. N., N. Arise, Awaken
You have been fed and nourished, given life by the power of Chaos
N., N. Arise, Awaken. N., N. Arise, Awaken
You are our servitor."
"You are born. N. You are complete and whole; sentient. N! N!
This may be repeated several times, if necessary, until the entity's presence is felt. When this is done all participants stop vibrating and the task is given:

"You have one purpose and one goal: To assure complete and total prosperity, wealth, health and well being of those who form you. I call thee, I charge thee. Bring me prosperity, wealth, and health. This is your task, this is your oath. Whenever I call thee by name and sign, you are to come immediately, in fair and comely shape, to offer your help. In return, I will feed you and give you form. This is the pact."

Banish by preferred means.

*The physical basis is placed somewhere where it will be noticed often, and the sigil of the entities name is kept to call on it when necessary.


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