Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth


By Kali 556

Meditation on thee path ov Death joining Netzach and Tiphareth on thee Tree ov Life.

Control over Emotion based fears:

7 of Disks---Saturn in Taurus

Fear of failing, clouded thought, only obstacles can be seen---Turtle in a shell---restriction of oneself as the direct result of fear---resorting to old, outmoded methods for dealing with "problems" Remember: "Problems" belong to the mental plane only.

7-Netzach-Desires-Emotions-Lust of result-Blindness Negative thoughts are very powerful and if nourished and encouraged to grow will help to manifest the very situation(s) feared---However, thee same is also true of Positive thoughts.

Recognize thee fear(s), accept them---then you can let the fear go. Overcoming the fear is the Goal. Positive thinking, enjoying life---should Create the required Energy to transmute unpleasant expectations and experiences into Experiences of Joy.

Fear of letting go/ Fear of everything in life crumbling away/ Fear of losing control/ Fear of loved ones and friends turning against me or conspiring against me/ Fear of not being loved or liked/ Fear of not belonging or having no place in the world/ Fear of believing in myself and the enjoyment of life/ Fear of accepting Love, happiness. Joy and pleasure/ Fear of being alone/ Fear of Flight.

Catholic Dogma and insecurity instilled within me as a child against my own undeveloped Will. Now i have decided to take My Own Will back as my Own and use it as i Will:

A name of Power has been generated for my magickal evolution:


The effort itself seems to be the part that gets easier---the changes themselves sometimes feel like a band-aid being removed too quickly. The light created as a result of the situation is Great---however the pain that pre-seeds isnt quite as refreshing as body piercing momentarily---However, the Jewel is much better.

7 of Swords --- Moon in Aquarius

Emotional over-reactions based on fear of existence---never believing in any possible positive outcome in any given situation--therefore allways having a negative outlook. Becoming discouraged due to negative thinking. Mental Plane only ---there may be no physical representation to back up negative thoughts---emotional instability retained thru negative thinking.

Emotive over-reactions continue to occur in general situations. This is caused by me not believing in my ability to affect positive change. The mind must "believe" in something in order to "exist" so it shall choose thee thought of Possibility as a remedy to the sensation of "sitting on pins and needles" waiting for disaster to strike.

The lesson gained from observing emotional over-reactions should not only be the realization that things may go wrong but also that everything ultimately balances in physical existance--so, technically everything has a 50/50 chance of occuring with the deciding vote being cast by myself. Both sides must always be accounted for---however any further indulgence in emotion is merely that---an indulgence and should be considered as nothing more.

Magic should not be confined to certain places, forms, or practices. One should use these things to help one become more perceptive and open to the total possibility of Magick---which essentially appears to lead to the ability to Be a Magickal Environment---where every point of consciousness merges into one Consciousness of Becoming---therefore any energy directed intentionally, any act performed---anything that occurs would be pure Magick.

7 of Cups---Venus in Scorpio

Over indulgence in emotions causing exaggerated reactions---Keep splashing---one falls back into old patterns of emotion based on not fully dealing with unresolved issues---especially those of the ego. Believing one's reactions to things are important---therefore feeling "justified" within thee reaction---taking full advantage of reacting to thee point of gross over-indulgence.

One must accept the ego to let it go---to rid ones self of importance and reliance on identity. If one clings to no identity one can have no personal opinion to defend---personal opinions are fun for "knocking around" but have no more or less weight in the world than anything else.

Dissapointment in an otherwise great idea due to a slight alteration in plans---things not going exactly how one would like---These are some of the control issues of the ego---The inherent and incessant need to be in control of situations 100% of the time--these are references to old insecurity and are the Very things i WILL to overcome.

7 of Wands---Mars in Leo

Control and Awareness of Desire and Emotion:
The realization of nothing outside of oneself. The Goal is Channeling Will in purest form without being tainted by emotion or desire

Realizing the point where desire and Will merge.

Challenge of resisting playing into emotional "settings". Realization that any participation in emotionally charged situations is, at core, an indulgence. Realizing that the most popular "drama" of all is Life and the responsibility and enjoyment that come with it.

Know All these Things

Being in an emotional situation and just stopping it, moving on, walking away. This alone is a Power to develop.

Dont be afraid to view your true psychology through the emotional filter. It seems the best way to thoroughly release our "programming" handed to us by the State, via our parents and, of course, the Church! When one comes to the end of that struggle, life no longer tainted by ghosts, regrets and repressions---that is Liberation. When past experiences become things that we have learned from and continue to grow from---no longer are the demons that own and guide our decisions of any consequence---they are illusions. The Life you have willed upon incarnation will be returned to you to live out as you so Will.

Mountain climbing always has its descent---its downside, but the view from the top is superior. The Quest of Magick shall never fail to continue on---the ever spinning wheel of life---however, it is up to us to give up our sitcoms and release our dramas---to join thee Real Play of existence---larger than oneself. The Natural order of things is much stronger than the human "ideal"

So, when travelling down such psychological highways and hauntings from the past occur---Remember Dorothy and her yellow brick road---follow this serpentine path of Will---if you stay on your path, you shall naturally discover your own version of Life.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.