Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

An Introduction to thee T.O.P.Y. World Network

Illustration by James Gibson

We are thee inheritors ov a world on thee verge ov suicide. As such we are faced with thee task ov reconstructing life on this decaying but lovable planet- its ethics, cultures, behaviour etc; or else remain fuel for thee death machine ov human existence.

We in TOPY and our allies refuse to succumb to a state ov 'dreamless sleep', to be part ov a humanity driven towards inevitable desolation purely by its own irresponsibility and greed. We refuse to accept thee standards handed down to us by antiquity. And we refuse to accept thee notions that we, as individuals, are incapable ov moulding our destinies and realising change; or that we, as a group, are destined to failure because ov some supposed 'human nature' ov competitiveness and egoism.

Yet we recognise that, across time and space, in cultures dominated by destruction, there have always been spaces ov resistance, people fighting thee regimes ov control and thee grips ov apathy. We benefit and draw from their work, learning from their experience and applying their strategies and successes to our own. Like them, we refuse to be engulfed by thee nihilistic void and be cast into an abyss ov meaninglessness. We thus take it upon ourselves to develop newer cultures and newer languages, mutating from thee ones we have inherited into cultures and languages ov joy, injected from every angle with personal meaning and responsibility.

As first steps towards change, we attempt to cultivate an awareness ov thee consequences ov our thoughts and actions, and to direct our energies in constructive directions. All this is done on thee understanding that our thoughts and behaviour form thee interface between our lives and thee lives ov others, and their repercussions are therefore endlessly returning.

Awareness is consequently a requirement for our personal and collective survival and evolution. Still, we recognise that awareness itself is dependent on information, communication, and personal commitment. Our work is subsequently practical, exchanging models and methods we have found useful to ourselves. Thus we do not dictate, but rather focus on expanding thee available possibilities through thee cross-fertilisation ov suggestions, successes, and failures. And for us this is a full-time commitment, a continual process ov being, an endless myriad ov becomings.

Striving towards what Nietzsche called thee 'revaluation ov all values' we have turned to a wide variety ov sources for inspiration- thee beat generation, post-structuralist philosophy, textual & cultural theory, feminism, magickal lore & mythology, Surrealism, thee Situationist movement, neurology etc. But we do not stop there, as if restricted by our research. We take all our sources as starting points only, examples ov what is possible, yet which are inevitably capable ov being taken much further. Thus we are critical ov these sources, and attempt not to be blinded by their pitfalls and flaws. Instead, we are happier with deviations than derivations. Consequently there is no dogma we push in TOPY, no line we incessantly pull, no recourse we eventually take. As a group we try to create as much flexibility as possible, to provide an arena for honesty, sincerity, trust, personal expression and responsibility, and community solidarity, embracing thee multiple perspectives flowing from overlapping differences ov gender, race, sexual preference etc. Yet, as individuals we choose what we feel to be best for us, uninhibited by pressures ov homogeneity, but instead encouraged by our difference. Our success is, and can only be, our guide. And it is proof to thee world that alternatives do in fact exist.

TOPY is a positive step by those involved ov belief in people- our intelligence, creativity and capacity. We are therefore open to all who share this respect and responsibility for our collective but individual destinies.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is a non-profit, anti-authoritarian organization ov collaboration on all levels in any media. Many ov our activities are open to public input, defined as TOPY only through organization, whilst others require a certain level ov individual (self-)commitment and responsibility. Our strength is our diversity.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.