Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth


By Coyote 354

The advantages of the minor pentagram banishing ritual, are that it allows You to be more focused on the Magickal acts that You are doing, gives You practice in coordinating some techniques which You may want to apply in other circumstances, and besides that, to me it gives me a protection feeling, which afterwards it happens to me some "extra luck" in daily activities (maybe being so much used gives it extra strength?!)

I did it mixing it with rhythmic respiration, which is to create a steady rhythm in inhaling and exhaling, setting your breath in/breath out with a steady count, I prefer mine own 1, 2, 3 but you can use something that enables You to establish a pace (like a clock or a metronome). It starts first in your lungs, and I begin creating a peaceful feeling, after a while it becomes a natural rhythm for You to breed. Then with some time it grows through all you body. I continue then relaxing myself, afterwards it gives me a feeling of being all my body in synchronicity and it becomes more powerful! As a theory You can think how the all-natural universe moves with it's own rhythm (the moon movement for instance). You are then setting a rhythm for You, for your own energy to flow!

After 6/7 minutes lying down and applying a rhythm to my breathing, I started to call for extra energy on me, I gave 3 rhythmic times established for the process of inhaling and began to feel something coming into me. When exhaling I mentally echoed the letter "E" and started to focus on mine mind projecting energy. Then I advanced to the throat with "I", heart with "A", belly with "O" and finally the genitals with "U". In between each letter I used the same previously explained count on inhales to recall more energy for projecting afterwards in the desired space in me. When I got to the Genital part, I repeated it all, but now inverting the order.

This gave me a more energy to proceed for doing the 5 Pentagrams. For each one I used a similar approach to more energy into me. With each pentagram I draw, first I remember to inhale mentally, which recalls my memories and feelings of doing the ritual not in my mind, but in a reality, and also I imagine my pointing finger, I start to resonate a letter in my mind, and draw one of the sides of the pentagram with my mental finger. With five letters, and the pentagram with five sides, it becomes quiet easy to remember the order and which side it belongs after some practice with it. I start drawing first the right side, going from top to bottom, and then I proceed naturally with it. Of course… I begin with E, then it follows I, A, O and U.

During each letter and movement with the finger (bought done mentally) I visualise the drawing of one of the pentagram lines. The drawing grows and when resonating the "U" the pentagram is complete.

The main difference I use from the actual doing of this ritual, besides being lied down usually in bed, the first one I draw upon me, the second on my right side, the third below my feet, the fourth on my left side, and the fifth and last upon my head. This one can be a little tricky, because You are completely inverting the drawing of the pentagram, like a mirror. I think it gives You an extra practice!

And in between pentagrams I try to visualise the previous ones already drawn, and it gives me a nice feeling of protection, because I feel some real difference between my sides already covered with pentagrams and the ones that aren't yet...


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