Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

A Y O H-    T H E    M E M E - H A M ME R

By Tzeenj

A rite to break down the barriers created by neuro-linguistic programming which prevent us from perceiving and experiencing the natural bounty of the universe.

Participants: Loki, Tzeenj, Lylythe

Preparation: create a vessel for the void that represents the constraining influence of language. In our case it was an empty eggshell whose surface we sigilized heavily. (The sigils were constructed each from one line of the J.R.R. Tolkien riddle, "A box without hinges, key or a lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.")


-Banishing (modified Thorssen style Hammer Banishing)

-Invocation of Ganesha, Kali and Ka'atas to aid in construction of a magickal tool (with possible eye towards it eventually becoming a servitor or egregore) to break down the barriers created by seeing the universe through the filter of language

-Readings (see below) done in a variety of silly voices

-Manifest and empower the Meme Hammer

-Mainifest language (The Uber Meme) in the material base (egg) and then destroy it.

-Banish with laughter

Note: This was done in a very freestyle fashion (go figure) Below are the readings and notes made by the operators after the rite for clarification.


As Nietzsche and Bataille have suggested, the myth of scarcity is merely a means of control through immiseration, whereas the actual nature of the world is one of absolute fullness, indeed over fullness, spilling over as constant EXCESS.
-Hakim Bey (Aimless Wandering Chuang Tzu's Chaos Linguistics)

It's the language: the head's using glossolalia-totally random vowel and consonant sounds. Speaking in tongues? We're all hearing different things. We're hearing what we want to hear. And you poor bastards can't hear anything but instructions and commands. That's what happens when all you can think about is how to obey orders.
-Grant Morrison (The Invisibles)

Automatic responses are the chinks in a magician's armour. Investigate all your most loaded concepts. Observe the tunes to which your behaviour dances, the drumbeat you march to.
-Dave Lee (Chaotopia)

Living from a body of strength is not something most men can do. They require a way to "look" at things. What a man says has nothing to do with how he feels.
-Christopher S. Hyat Ph.D. (The Tree of Lies)

That's my opinion, who gives a fuck?
-Ice T (Opinion)

"When I use a word,"; Humpty Dumpty said, in rather ascornful tone,";it means just what I choose it to mean neither more nor less."

The question is, "said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master"

-Lewis carroll (Through the Looking Glass)

Fences are another attribute of Control- they seek to divide human experience into
discrete little categories, when the real answers lie in finding
the connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, like the words of
the Code. The fences seek to control years, or the flow of time,
which is the best friend of Chaos, always breaking down structures
and throwing up new ones. Control Freaks are conservative because they
fear the flow of time and prefer to keep things as they are,
were, or would have been. Fences also attempt to control nightmare
interludes, the dark eruptions of the unconscious mind. The process of enslaving oneself
to Control involves surpressing of all sorts of material, from religious doubt to sexual impulse.
Repressed material sinks down into the unconscious mind,
where it becomes monstrous when locked away from the light of day.
Control fears its return, but it must return. The Chaos Boy
rises like a monster from the sleep of dreams, ready to smite
Control with every dread they have tried to imprison.

-Robin D. Laws (Weather the Cukoo Likes-The Cut Up Project)

Theres no telling what we'll do when we are free.
-Folk implosion (Natural One)


Invked Ganesha (in his aspect as breaker of codes), Kali, and Ka'atas for assistance in breaking down the barrier of language. Once the Godforms were felt to be present in the circle we began the readings in a variety of voices and accents. (I felt the presence of Kali as a physical discomfort. Much like being up to the ankles in fire ants).

Our original plan was to take the readings and subject them to Gysin style cut up and re-read them several times in varying states of deconstruction. This did not occur. I felt the presence of my patron godform, Loki, manifest itself at this point. He seemed amused and as though he was enjoying himself (for me this godform tends to prefer being uninvited so he can "gatecrash")

Lylythe began to chant the Folk Implosion quote used in the readings to which I counterpointed with "Whatcha gonna do, Pink Boy?" alternated with the chorus from the Goddess Peg's song, "Orange," (Gonna peel the world like an orange, and savor every bite!) At this point I was in a definite trance state, perception of time in a linear fashion ceased and I slipped into glossalalia. This is where the word, "AYOH," came from. Awareness of anything outside the cirlcle faded to nothingness. We were fully submerged in the currents we were creating, to the point where I began to feel them as physical tide-like sensations.

Vocalizations on all parts became reduced to pure tonalities as we slipped below the surface of language and began investing the material base with all the limiting aspects of linguistic communication. There was a physical sensation at this point as well: one of pouring energy from my third eye into the egg. Once the sigilized egg was"filled," each of us extented a hand and raised it aloft together. We shattered it while simultaneously exhaling a wordless vibration of incoherent sound. At this point all operants exploded into simultaneous euphoria.


Invoked the Dark Mother, My Mistress kali: she who laughs at, who destroys, who hates pretense and falseness, who rebuilds in clarity and cleanses through fire. "I feel your body... I breathe your breath...I am consumed by your fire...I taste your fluids..." For the moment I mentally called the quarters, grounded, and centered (my roots shot down quicker and deeper than EVER before). She was present (my apologies to Loki's feet- he, he). The readings and chantings were intense- energy flowed between and among us- my body was saturated (unable to read clearly, very husky throaty voice).

Focused all thought, feeling, perception on freedom and it's manifestation- with the egg as the actalyst. It positively GLOWED. Several times I aknowleged the presence of elementals, of my Mistress, of my own almost luminescent power by again and again making the signs of the quarters. When the catalyst was smashed in ritual my mind experienced a climax that radiated through my cells, around the yard, through Tzeenj and Loki, and back into myself. Banishment through wicked, decadent, delicious laughter!!'

Jai Kail!!'


Opened. Fired chakras, began shaking and circulating NRG (light seething trnce). Set servitors about (PSYPHYX- gaurdian). Was especially strong and active. Really Potent gnosis. Did variant Hammer Banishing, Ka'atas put in his appearance. Moved NRG Hammer, held upright. Smiling and chuckling knowingly repeated mantra, "Kreei Kreei Scazo Kreei." (Sun sun star sun)

Concur on nonlinear timeflux (typical ov exstatic states- define time/XTC link?) At one point Ka'atas looked down at the egg as if to say, "Yeah, I've got your number" Really hit me as we crushed the egg (really deep seething at this point) the destruction word is loaded (cho!), wasn't so much spoken as it played through me. Think Loki and I may have begun chanting AYOH simultaneously. Definetly concur on euphoria afterwards as well. Fun, fun, fun!

Closed, brought staff straight to ground with a cry of,"Ia Ka'atas!" and concluded with and NRG pulse.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.