Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

M A G I C K   M O D E M


Sapere In Toxicum from the latin: "be wise in poison".

So last night I developed the Magick Modem. You'll need a board or peice of cardboard. on this you either mount a coil of metal cord, or you draw two concentric circles, within which you either write or make sigils of the groups and communities you participate in. Such as this website.

Then you draw 8 lines from within the inner circle to meet at the center, or alternitavely 8 wires, cased with 8 colors of plastic/rubber. Like stereo wires. These should correspond to the eight-magicks chaostar colors.

In the center of the circle, where the lines intersect, place a 3"x3" cube, of clay, wood, whatever. This is the modem. It needs a hole in the top for your "line-out" and if you're using stereo wires for the 8 "line-in"s, 8 holes for them to plug into.

On the cube draw or paste on a picture of a bee in a hexagon. The "line-out" wire is a twined black-white cased wire. This can be attached to the wand to connect to the group will, to the cup to connect to the group knowledge-base, to the dagger to connect to the group intellect, and to the pantacle to connect to the group microcosm.

Also, you can send sigils and so on through visualizing the sigil or servitor as a light-form, and putting it in the cube, where it becomes a light-speck, and shoots out into the macrocosm (the circle/hoop) and dissapears.

There. If you don't understand the symbolism, I'll be happy to explain it to you.


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