Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

M A G I C K    M I R R O R

By Tzeenj

My latest toy-
Made a Magick Mirror-used a small treasure-chest-like box as a housing (inside painted with india ink). A nine-layer Orgone Accumulator pillow (alternating layers of cotton and steel wool -- one steel wool/cotton layer = one accumulator layer) inside of it with a charged-and-consecrated talisman inside of the pillow with a Luna pentacle on one side and the Magick Mirror veve on the other. Painted my personal planetary sigils around the edge of the box. Mirror was a clock-face painted black on the inside with a layer of india ink added, a variation of PB Randolph's standard mirror Fluid Condenser mixed with a bit of pectin on top of that, then a powdered condenser suspended in beeswax over that.

Mirror was then affixed to the pillow. This resulted in a most effective tool -- Whenever I look in to it the pillow turns black (the cover is red) and then the inside of the box turns in to a deep void- even the mirror itself disappears. Takes about 3 or 4 seconds for this to happen. Two other people who have tried it have reported the same effects.

Magick Mirrors have a number of uses beyond the usual scrying- one can use them in Evocation (in usual Goetic procedure, place the mirror inside of the triangle and evoke the entity into that)- the NRG battery provided by the accumulators and condensers also provide a resource for the entity to manifest more tangibly. One can use them in Invokation to provide a link for the entity invoked to come thru into your body. They also can be used as an NRG storage-and-manipulation tool. Another use is as a portal to aid to Astral Travel/PathWorking. One can also use a Mirror as a housing for a Servitor.-simply create your Servitor and evoke it in to the Mirror ("Mirror, mirror on the wall").

Condenser Recipes: Liquid Condenser:
White Wine
Juice of leaves of Lily
Juice of leaves of Mandrake
Juice of leaves of Chamomile
Juice of leaves of Poplar
Coal of Poplar
Extract of Lily
Extract of Mandrake
Extract of Chamomile
Extract of Poplar
Lactose (milk sugar)
Coal of Belladonna
Kopal Oil

To this I added of pectin, blood, menstrual blood from my partner and sexual fluids from myself and my partner.

Powdered Condenser: spider web, cascarilla (powdered eggshell), cat hair, oyster shell, moss, dried toadstool, quartz crystal, cow bone, rock salt and vervain.


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