Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

M - E Y E    S E L F    I N    E W E

By Havo(C)405

so eye saw ewe
ewe seemed a treasure to me
& eye youched ewe
& i fell to my knees
ewe told me that your heart couldn't breathe
ewe said that my will ewe would smother
how couldn't eye believe
then eye watched as ewe crawled
back to your cold black world
leaving me there to believe
(to bleed)
ewe were that perfect girl
eye knew that eye couldn't resist
this' something never to miss
then eye found my soul to be
spent & unfurled
sew eye tasted ewe
ewe turned to a fatal disease
& eye promised
never would eye release ewe in my heart
eye prayed foor time to stand still
but it, too, ignored me
eye prayed for the rain to fall
perhaps tp put an end to it all
then eye licked my wounds
as ewe crawled back to your
cold black world
eye thought eye saw ewe there
eye thought eye held ewe once
tangled within your arms
ewe begged me to be aware
but eye couldn't hear ewe
perhaps eye was a fool left alone
as ewe crawled back
to your cold black world.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.