Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

H U M A N    R I T E S

By Alaura O'Dell

As humans, in these lands of diverse cultures of beauty and war, we strive each day to find the purity where we belong. Amongst the confusion of many daily rituals, we must work hard to find the one ritual that makes us know that we belong. Many years ago, in the land we now call America, the indigenous peoples of this country practiced many rites to honor their land, their people and their earth. As the white man came, so many of these cultures were symptomatically destroyed. Left were a few people struggling to hold onto their lives as well as their spirits and deep longing to belong and respect this earth, through whatever personal torture they had been through.

Today everywhere that we look, these troubles and turmoils repeat themselves on a daily basis. There few humans alive today that have not witnessed these great tragedies. Whether we directly witness these abhorrent actions, or witness the aftermath in the media, we all carry the scars of the personal affect. As individuals, we know what it's like to suffer, the loss of a loved one, a scar from a hurtful word. The scars that never quite heal.

To understand our healing, we chose to seek out the knowledge of our foremothers and forefathers. To once again hear their breathing, to listen to their deep words. The words that carry the soul that fires our spirit.

Once again, it is too painful to witness the pain and suffering of others, when our bodies cry out in un-speakable words, we cannot be a part of this continuation of absurdity. A need to change and to challenge has to begin with a life story. A new life, a life that begins in nature. The chance that we have to create new life, and bring that life into the world away from the watchful eye of the governments is to birth our children at home, with the mothers and their partners, and most importantly the midwives, as Steven Gaskins named them, "the psychedelic shamans". Our life rites, birth rites and burial rites have been eroded from our culture over the many years. The same years that the Indian shamans and their families were murdered in cold blood. The centuries of women and men, burned and tortured, quartered and hanged. For being the wise people, the gatherers of knowledge, the gatherers of healing herbs. Our ancestors that we can no longer ask questions for the healing, to treat the cancers, our diseases that kill.

Now the FDA once again threaten the same people, they want to wipe out the knowledge- attack and threaten. This time we have no choice except to stand up for our rights, believe in what we are saying, remember the ones that have gone before us, who died for their beliefs. We no longer have to die, but we need to be heard.

We reject their doctors at childbirth, who inject mothers with their poisons, we reject their drugs, that poison and do more harm. We reject their systems and their laws.

What we can hear is the answer in our planet, in the trees that she grows, in the herbs that she tenders, the babies that she hands to us to love... and she gives the spirit of pure love, that we should all be able to experience in our daily lives. These aspects are our HUMAN RITES, to be able to live our lives, with the rites that we chose, to love and respect each other. To love and worship our planet, to water it's soil with our moon blood. To make love on it's grasses and shores, and let our love juices enrich the soil that gives us life.

To be human, we need these spirits to be able to nourish ourselves as pure beings. To feed our soul is as important as the food that we eat. The future of this planet lies in our hands, remember our herstory, and carry the future in our wombs.

Author Bio: Alaura O'Dell will be familiar to some of our readers as Paula, an influential force in the formation of TOPY. She is the owner and operator of 'Sacred Journeys for Women' and is currently based in Northern California. Alaura has given presentations in Europe, North America, Canada and Japan as a musician and lecturer on ritual and performance art. Alaura has an intimate knowledge of the sacred sites of Britain and has been exploring these powerful locations for more than 20 years.


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