Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

A r e   T h e r e   G r a d e s   W i t h i n   T.O.P.Y?

from 1988

This is perhaps thee most asked question TOPY receives. It is a valid one, which we will address now.

Thee entrance into thee Temple at large can be effected only through sigilization. That is thee key to becoming a part ov thee actual work ov TOPY. Becoming part of the Temple is not required to be part ov thee network: no information is withheld from those who choose NOT to do sigils, except for that information which pertains directly to that process, thee research ov method and result. This, is not out ov any fear ov exposure or supposed need for secrecy - it is out ov respect for those with thee courage and trust to share their dreams with strangers. It seems unfair to share thee fruits ov this commitment with others who, for whatever reason, choose not to share. In any case, it represents butter a small fraction ov thee information TOPY disseminates, as it were, although in many ways, it is thee kernel, thee most essential part ov our Work.

There are basically three levels ov involvement within the Temple. They are voluntarily and do not imply status or rank. They represent workload taken on more than any symbol ov accomplishment or reward. When one first, begins, then thee Individual is basically working on and with herself through thee sigilization process. This then is thee FIRST RATIO.

Next one begins to work on and within thee TOPY Network (thee Second Ratio). Then on and throughout society as a whole and all Human Evolution. This is thee Third Ratio. No one frequency ov action can preclude another. Thus an Individual who decides to take some responsibilities within thee Temple Network, say by helping to answer mail, or writing for thee newsletter, can never stop working on her own development. First Ratio is thee Foundation, thee prerequisite for all work within thee System. If Second Ratio work is undertaken at thee expense ov First Ratio work, then Second Ratio work must be abandoned so as not to distract from thee development ov SELF FIRST. Thus it follows that if one is working through Society at large, that thee work taken on within thee Temple not be allowed to suffer as a result.

So you can see that it is not a status/hierarchical progression at all. It is an integration and expansion ov workload. Thee Individual's commitment must increase in proportion to their donation ov Broadcasting Time. Thus when one accepts a higher Ratio Level, one is literally giving away more ov oneself, not being given more. This is Parallel Broadcasting.

One has to believe totally in thee Battle to permanently alter and improve human behavior to embark on this path.

TOPY demands that people once more work on and with themselves, on every level of character and behavior, and through doing so, eventually become aware ov others. It is simple and yet difficult. Thee simplest things ARE thee most difficult. We are not trained or encouraged by society to VIEW ourselves, This is thee theme we base our magickal system upon.

Thee only reward TOPY gets is its continued existence, and thee creative satisfaction ov rekindling self-esteem and potential in other human beings. Thee reward thee Individual gets is many-faceted. Self-esteem, maximizing ov any skills and potential, a completely integrated personality And character free from fear, guilt or confused sexuality.

Nothing is ever forced upon anybody. It is thee Individual's interpretation that is thee beginning ov their struggle. Once an Individual KNOWS something, it can never be forgotten, one cannot UNLEARN no matter what people may say, one can only look away, switch off thee monitors and close down.

It would be impossible to force anyone to become part ov TOPY. It must be voluntary to exist at all. To continue at all. TOPY is thee means by which an Individual can re-open negotiations with their SELF through experience, observation, sexuality and application.

Everyone is in Temple Ov Psychick Youth, they just don't all know it yet. No one ever leaves. They merely live their lives as if they had.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.