Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

Concerning   the   Eternal   Xao   (First   Manifestation)


The Xao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Xao.

The law of Xao is unbreakable because the law of Xao is no-law.

The will of Xao is irresistable because the will of Xao is no-will.

The Way of Xao is the way of the world.

Xao is the pattern in which all occurs, the field upon which all Games are played.

The mightiest god is himself subject to Xao.

Xao is the force that fate is ruled by.

to know the Xao is to know that all creation , from the tiniest particle to the grandest universe is doomed.

to understand the Xao is to be at peace.

the pattern of chaos is woven in the Xao, and this pattern cannot be predicted or known by it's components.

to accept the Xao is to be free.

even the randomness of events is part of the tapestry of Xao.

Xao is the ruler of synchronicity.

No one worships the Xao, and no one has made shrines or offerings to the Xao.

the Xao is entirely impersonal and can be perceived in the coming about of events

in a manner and sequence which suggests a pattern, this aspect of the tapestry of Xao is regarded as predestination.

Sacrifices to gods can bring good luck or help in this or that difficulty, but gods can do nothing to alter the overall

pattern of existence which is inexorable and immutable.

Xao does not create the pattern, Xao is the pattern.

to act with the knowledge that all actions are preordained by Xao, you are acting according to the Xao, and to act according

to the Xao is to act with the knowledge that the events of the future and past are not as important as the experience of the present.

to act according to the Xao is to act knowing that you can do nothing to alter your fate, as alterations are also part of the pattern of Xao,

and thus one shall enjoy the present as it is, rather than wasting that time trying to alter the inalterable,

and from this enjoyment one will have acheived something better than enlightenment.. one will have had a good time.

or maybe not.



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