Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

A L L    I S    D R U N K E N    N O N S E N S E

By Coyote 380

all is drunken and nonsense
a falling in and be couming more always said before
but more so feeel it, into and out again, dark trips
the shadows we all know, dreaming lucid like something
wishing in waking hoping but stilll again a tangible
sensory type of thing something lasting which is of
course not our path for nothing is finite or certain.

Searching for the right Words to e...xplAIN but thats
the point lost again all this rambling brings me back
to solace and light were we've found our best times
those steps down, the darkest corners of psyche and
back brain spinal fluid left and right sides
intermeshed as one as one union of the serpent
coursing fueling the flame soulfire whiteheat warm
thru and fear that one is falling back into what has
supposed to have been risen above this base emotion
this human condition fear desire fear repetition cycle
upon cycle, We've seen it all strange phases of Lunar
and chemical imbalance, so it goes.

Cause and effect never seems to end reaction and wanting repeats
perpetuates itself, I neeed dreamless sleep solace
that deep black nothing the abbyss peering into my
soul and someones said it better than this, so many
times before, words lose there weight separate
entities once released take on a life of their own as
it should be and as it has always been since the first
to lay charcoal against stone on some cave wall a
million centuries ago, to be remembered to leave a
mark, be it flesh or thought, And it's been some
influence somewhere wherever written spoken sound
thats brought us here to each there own. Point is
rhythm current nudging whoever. sedation or exctasy
pick your poison to still the noise in your head
Crowley barely made it this far, WE ARE something else
the next dont you forget that generations die and
rebourn more and more with every birth potential.

Neural net the Collective
Sub-trans-magikal-con-un-unconscious far past their
words. Form our ownthe ground you stand on an this
should come to an enbd as all things should the next phase...
let it be rejoice in love upon love upon...
that unspoken thing if you've made it this
far that we know is there when said is gone....


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.