Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

C U B E   W O R K I N G

By Tzeenj

Scheuler's Enochian Cube is a series of Mandalas based on the Watchtowers- one Tower to a side, Tablet of Union on top, Tablet of Kaos (Qlippoth) on bottom.

I've got it set up in combination with a few other things. Essentially, I've linked each side with a Working involving Douglas Moore and Robert Gillette's King/Lover/Warrior/Magician model- a separate Working for each one, also linking them with the Sephiroth (King- Chesed, Lover- Netzach, Warrior- Geburah, Magician- Hod). King's about manifesting my Will on the material (the King in the World-Builder), Lover involves a series of Sex Magick Working based on the book "Tree of Ecstasy", as well as exploring the senses, Warrior involved Working with and assimilating martial energies and the principle of Severity, Magician will involve Working with language, Words of Power and making my mental faculties run in a more efficient manner. At the end of the Working, I do a final Invokatory Rite to crystallize each Archetype and absorb it fully.

I've come up with Words for each Archetype:

King: Xem
Lover: Amor
Warrior: Ascent
Magician- still batting around a couple here- either Ur Hekau or Baal Shem.

I've also linked each side with the deities of the Processian mythos- Air- Satan, Earth- Jehovah, Fire- Christ, Water- Lucifer.

Essentially, after finishing each Working, I align what I gained from the Working with the Paths on the appropriate side of the Cube- PathWorking the Cube as that Archetype. I incorporate elements from William Blake's mythos (which is essentially based on the Elements, hence compatible, not to mention the obvious parallels between Swedenborg, Dee and Blake), approaching the side from the corresponding Blakean concept (Fire= "Spectre", for example) and add the appropriate Blakean Mythos figures in to the last Pathworking of that Side- Evoking them in the final portion. For the Sex Magick encounter at the very end, I've used the Processian Godforms in female aspects (using Lilith for Lucifer, Charis/Mary M for Jesus, Sophia for Jehovah and...I'll admit I cheated here for lack of an appropriate figure, AZ for Satan {technically she would go with Ahriman). Centre of each side I've been using the Temple images from Rawn Clark's "8 Temples Project".

This came out of my Work in Chesed- I've realized that part of the Pre-Abyssal Work involves going over one's previous progress on the Tree and doing any remedial Work deemed necessary as a way of shoring one's self up. The Cube Working is designed to do that for me. I've also found that at this point one begins to connect with the Secret Paths of the Tree, so I'll be exploring them too (I've seen a hint that these are somehow linked with Daath). Given the intensive Work with the Tree here, I will also be reviewing some of Achad's Works on the topic.

I've also managed to un-knot a couple of things that had been bothering me for a bit now...

OOBE- why important for Magickal practice? Pre-Abyssal prep- OOBE aiding in strengthening the self for the journey, as well as providing a possible shot at immortality. Makes perfect sense now, as it's part of Taoist Alchemical practice too.

Evokation- why important to Magickal practice? Learning how to draw NRG's in to Manifestation and understanding the means employed and incorporating said NRG's in to the Self.

Both are linked to Chesed Work.

Have batted around the idea, since I'm using a Cube, of incorporating Charles Reese's Tesseract Working in to the final part, but not really sure how.


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