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C H I    K U N G


So I've been doing my version of chi kung structured from Xaoist principles. don't ask about those. they are in processes. but in a word, go with the flow, and there is a map for the universe we can all use. and it isn't Qabballah. Random Emanations of Chaos.

anyway: so I've been doing my version of chi kung

and its been going well. for those of you who are interested, here is a very simplified description:

1. stand at ease

2. hold arms in a 'hug' form in front of you. energize a crystal yin yang in your abdomen.

3. make a pushing movement, and make crystal energy flow forth from the yinyang into infinite space before you.

4. return to the 'hug'. push energy down to a big red hand under you, red energy into infinite space.

5. return to 'hug'. push yellow energy towards a sun in your right hand and into infinite space. while also pushing green energy through a moon in your left hand into infinite space to your left.

6. return to hug. push blue energy into a blue eagle above your head, and into infifnite space upwards.

7. repeat these steps twice more.

8. from 'hug' breath out and bend downto pick up the red hand and breathe in, pulling it into your crystal yinyang.

9. breathe out, and pull the sun and moon into your crystal yinyang.

10. breathe out (don't forget to breathe in first! don't want you passing out!) and reach up to pull the blue eagle into your crystal yinyang.

11. repeat [8-10] for a total of three times.

12. return to 'hug' and transform the 4 symbols into pure energy in the form of a proper yinyang or merkaba.

13.breathe in, and pull white energy through your body from the earth into the air, visualizing the white half of the yinyang.

14.breathe out, and pull clear energy into the visualized black half of the yinyang.

15. repeat [12-14] for a total of three times.

16. stand at ease, and breathe in and out, visualizing the clear expanse of pure energy within which you stand, anchored in place only by the yinyang in your center.

repeat 16 three times as well.

then repeat the whole damn thing if you want.

I have found this to be a good form of inner alchemy, without the elongated process of tai-chi and so on, which i feel is suited for the chinese as it is culturally based.
it works for me.

the first set [pushing] purifies the energies, as well as cultivates them.
the second set [pulling] combines the energies, and re-structures the ki in your body into a unified whole. (these symbols also have psychological and physical values, so it works three ways). the energy flows and with it do you [go with the flow.].

try it, see if it works, report back-

Stephane M Griswold 3-23-2005


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