Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

C H A O S   V S   K A R M A

By Eden 293

It is almost impossible to evade thee issue ov karma when dealing with so-called "occult" practices or theories. Butter it is essential to question and explore thee idea(s) and not to blindly accept them.

Basically, thee Law ov Karma states that every action - for good or for evil - coumitted by an individual will return to punish or reward thee individual threefold (or sevenfold, to coum). This belief is based on several assumptions, including:

1 - Karma is discriminate.

2 - Every action has an exact, multiplied reaction.

3 - Every action can be described as "good" or "evil".

4 - Reincarnation ov discrete individual "essences" or "souls".

(NB: #4 applies to thee theory that wrongdoings or martyrdom ov one L-if-E will reap just rewards in thee next.)

On #1: E propose that karma ( although E would call it Chaos) is indiscriminate. That an action coumitted WILL produce a reaction (ov sorts), butter not necessarily upon thee act-or. An analogy may be that it is similar to throwing an object into a fan - thee result is dictated primarily at random. Thee object may break up and hit several objects, or it may remain whole and hit one or none other objects at random. Thee chances ov it hitting thee act-or depend entirely upon thee infinitely possible circumstances. Another analogy may be (although coumwhat less chaotick) that karma is similar to rolling a ball up a slope. It will return to its source with thee amount ov force dictated by circumstance - hard thee ball was pushed; gravity; incline ov slope; friction; air resistance etc etc. By thee time it has returned, circumstances may have changed: thee act-or may have moved safely away, s/he may have placed coumthing else in his/her place. Or there may be nothing in thee ball's path, and it will slowly coum to a standstill without effect.

On #2: This defies thee Law ov Relativity. That's fine. E can I live with that, only it seems far too simplistic. Apply to thee above models: thee fan may be moving at any speed; thee slope may be steep or slight. Thee circumstances are infinite, everything being dependent upon everything else. Thee situation dictates thee manifestation ov thee reaction. Thee universe is in constant change. To say that a Universal Law is not is contradictory, if not merely over-simplified. Thee whole issue reeks ov a guilt complex, or an excuse - coumthing to tell thee lesser people to keep them at bay, out ov harm's way. Thee whole Xtian lie all over again. And this brings me to thee moral issue...

On #3: That any action can be described by thee false dichotomy ov good/evil is stupidity and not worthy ov further coumment, except that everything is relative.

On #4: Reincarnation is one ov those unavoidable issues which need sorting through and questioning. Personally, E don't feel I thee need to subscribe to thee theories myself. If E want a better L-if-E its up to me to live it NOW, not try to earn it in thee hope ov thee next incarnation. Butter for thee sake ov discussion, lets assume its existence. Why does that necessarily mean our "souls" pass from one body to another? When our bodies die, they break down into their constituent matter forming a "pool" ov matter out ov which a variety ov new bodies may or may not be "created". Every physical body is made from matter that once thrived in countless other bodies. As a carbon atom in my left arm may have been part ov thousands ov other previous animal L-if-E forms, why not parts ov my psyche (or soul) also? It seems reasonable, if not more likely. No thing is independent from all other existence.

Ov course no model can be taken literally, and all are flawed. Thee Nature ov "cozmic" Law cannot be con-fined to thee limits ov Human experience or understanding, butter it is a beginning. Thee message is not that Karma (or anything else) exists or does not exist, butter rather: explore, question deeper. Deeper. Coum to euor own coumclusions based on eour experience.

With all things it depends upon perspective. Is karma based on guilt or fear? A broader view may be to accept thee indiscriminate assumption, and this is where WILL is important . Rather than acting with thee attitude that thee chances ov rebound are slight (which is probable) so it doesn't matter, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. For eour own actions, and for eour environment. Whatever eou throw out "there" is going to have repercussions coumwhere, even if it doesn't affect eou directly or immediately. E have no right butter to do my WILL. So perhaps thee popular view ov karma is butter a mere belittlement and bastardization ov a higher coumcept, individualized and adapted to a competitive, ego-based Western Mind. Does it not then reinforce those alien attitudes? Is karma, then, an over-simplified and new-aged tunnel interpretation ov Chaos?


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