Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth


(a unified theory of timespaces)
By Aloas Kino
July 13th 2002 e.v.

every wo/man does a star


Half hearted revolutions will only reinforce the internalized old aeonic memes/worldviews. You've seen those movies where all is well, until the E.T. opens its tiny mouth and lo, the voice of a male is heard.

Likewise, all too many magickally oriented people in Northern Gaia still cling to the monotheistic, order+war worldview of homogenized holidays. So you hear their excited cries: "It's May! It's Beltane!"

Here, in the Southern hemisphere, Beltane or the coming of the Summer, happens on the first days of November.

But the so-called "May Day" has never really been May 1st not even for the northern hemisphere: it's the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Midsummer and therefore it may fall on a different day every year. And so of course for the rest of the high feasts, they all being astronomical events.

To continue on the subject of astronomy, we can take a look at some other dark hole in our magickal consciousness. Astrology was invented in the northern hemisphere and, if Peter Carroll is right in that the zodiacal signs only reflect the varying influence of the Sun during the year, then this popular table of correspondences could gain a lot if reversed for those born in Southern Gaia. Thus a Chilean Virgo would really be a Pisces, and so on.

So, it's not enough to say Samhain ("saw-hen") instead of Halloween to be as magickally correct as we can be. As long as we continue attached to the old aeon thought habits and patterns, their mind viruses will continue attacking us, the host. And it's not even enough to return to the origins: there's a need to go forth and evolve.

Now that the center is nowhere, and what previously were forgotten corners of the Earth become centers and broadcast their own contents, now that in the entire planet there is awareness of all of its other "corners", let's see postmodernism roll the dice and have a cross-pollination effected between the Wheel of Seasons and the Chaostar.

Symbols of the 2- and the 3-D

When the xtians took up the best parts of the planet to live --and also some that weren't so good-- they imposed there a culture which also included a time measuring device, a calendar. When the xtian plague infected Europe, they had to defuse the previously existing religions/festivities in the area by assimilating them, i.e. appropriating the seasonal festivals that marked the peaks of Nature rhythms and converting them to their non-Nature based xtian world view.

The 13 moons year was forced to fit into a 12 months calendar, and when they came South --to South America, Africa, and Oceania--, brought with them as their major feast that of the "nativity", stolen from the midwinter Yule festival, and fixed by them on December 25th. And so they did with all the others holidays: corrupt them both in their timing and their meaning.

Because the symbol was there for it, the xtian cross, and an ideology of death and continued, internalized war: a rigid unequal division of the world into four quarters, where the upper means good, mind, man, north, white, day, and the bottom, larger portion, is the bad, sex, woman, south, black, and night.

This was the reason to move the cross into action, and make of it the sword for the xtian war: the head above the shoulders, up there, far from and opposed to the ground, ruling that the head was better than the sex, the white than the colored, the men than the women, etc. Laws about all this, based on codes written by people dead long ago were imposed over those who didn't write, or who wrote differently.

This is how we have in Chile those Santas sweating in midsummer under their cotton beards, red cap and winter boots. And now the merchants, who slowly but surely are turning the calendar into one occasion after another for selling greeting cards and "presents", are imposing here the "halloween" as an occasion for pseudo-dark partying, in a season when the flowers are blossoming, the air is getting sweet and warm, and red berries are ripe. November is our May!

Maybe the greeting cards --still made of slaughtered trees in this age of bits--, are the most recent symbol of the 2D worldview, with their imposition of roles and times. No less than the sword, the greeting card carries along a death sentence, that of linear time: one life, one universe, and the rest is better left unknown so it'll serve to scare into submission with tales of the afteroneworld, after the sword or the calendar have had their way with the one body.

The clock (especially the terrible alarm clock, that Chinese water torture guaranteed to break open any dreams) is a prison where time extends its arms in a plea for release. Can it be other than the release provided by the scythe, that the Reaper holds in her hand? Digital clocks replace a prison of arms by a prison for wrists under a radioactive hex of numbers.

But to escape the up over down that brings to earth both the sand grains from the Reaper's hourglass and the stuff bodies are made of, in the closed space of linear time for the uptight mind, life went underground and into the closet. In Hel or Narnia it must have found that, besides the symbols of death, there were symbols of life: the seasonal wheel, zodiacs, mandalas, the yin-yang, the pentagram, the chaostar/chaosphere bursting out with intent; anything that uses all axes instead of only one or two. Where dualities are too many to make clear what's bad and what's good, yeah, there is life... Welcome to inner-outer space.

the earth is chaospheric now

So where in expanded space lieth circular time? When do we get to seize it? "After" death? During gnosis? Does the sundial catches its shadow?

At all times a summer dawn is happening somewhere. An awareness of the interaction of the day/night cycle around the vertical axis of the planet and of the winter/summer on the horizontal axis, this Celtic pattern of intertwined lights, fruits, colors and lives that Gaia changes on herself all the time --this continued pattern of heating and cooling, lightening and darkening of landscapes and beings--, would reflect the increasing awareness of each other amongst our cultures.

The realization of how these two cycles interlock, and how they're tied to vegetal and animal breathing cycles, can get us closer to direct work with natural forces as we humans practiced it during the Shamanic Eon. Once the globe is reflected in its multidimensionality (and biodiversity) in the human head, expanded time can be surfed and explored like the seas. Add arrows to it, rotating in all directions as per the goddess' whim, and you'll have a living Chaostar of Combinations for synchronizing all hues of magicks! Eight to the power of eight and MORE... USA

Empowered by will, this planet can go places..... The union of N'Aton and Gaia means radioactivity for our atomstar. Broadcasts!

See the South spinning and immanentizing the eschaton

This simultaneous occurrence of Beltane and Samhain, of night and day, can be regarded by the magickian like the mixing of gold and lead. We may have read somewhere that Saturn and Sol don't mix, but we see this occur in the caput corvi on the Art card's golden cauldron of the Thoth deck.

Likewise, in our postmodern world polarities mix all the time, and we see the Wheel (of Fortune) rise to fame (and fortune) some of those previously in the margins.

Let's get more politically correct, and as we certainly and dutifully do with everything that resembles gender discrimination in language, start an all out campaign for erasing any traces of hemisphere discrimination in language: no more "down there" for referring to the South; no more reference to xtian festivities to designate times in the year; say "at our midwinter".

That's a reason to infiltrate pagan covens in the Southern hemisphere: by their sole existence, they can clash against the remnants of the monotheistic eon, if they only keep explaining that "xmas" is really "yule", and yule is the winter solstice.

Just like the water spins down in different directions for each half of the planet, the "celestial bodies" shine on us from other positions and widdershins rituals are spun deosil. A whole Opposed force is in the process of rising up and immanentizing our Eschaton.

Here's a theory to contradict all of the above: if it's Beltane in the South now and Samhain in the North, and the moon is waning or New, it's "Samhain time" –and with it the hemisphere where it's occurring—and an excellent moment for the workings of death in the entire planet.

Gravity is a G-oddess that constantly claims for us, and that we feed on piss and shit until the night we die. When we kick the bucket, our water and earth go back to Earth and we stop pestering her for more and more stuff. If we die during a waxing Moon maybe we'll have to wait until the waning in order to fully leave...

So let it do here a NeoChaophysics of the gaion. The Chaostar opposes dualities just like the Wheel opposes seasons; is that very opposition what gives it the impulse to spin and go forth by night and day? Chaostarred Gaia as a superatomic particle with dual spins, its tectonic plates clashing one against another.

Baphomet/Cernunnos shines waning winter on the stones from the road to Boscastle, Cornwall that I brought back to Santiago, Chile, as I stand with raised arms, the horns of the aerial ready to interface thee human shade in Chaos.


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