Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

B A L A N C E    O V    C O N T R O L


By Eden 150

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." -Nietzsche.

If thee root ov every emotion iz its opposite, then so too is thee root ov every belief its opposite; since we might define belief as emotionally vitalized thought, anchored through experience. (To demonstrate thee point, if you slander someone sacred held beliefs you will assuredly feel their emotional wrath!). Hence, an awareness ov inhibitions in an individual will be reinforced by thee belief in freedom ov action; which is thee possibility ov change, and thee increase in your options.

"There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality." -Peter Carroll.

But our beliefs can cast an unwholesome shadow - namely, obsession/paranoid- complex. As such, I'd like to stir shit in thee ranks ov our Holy and Illuminated Brethren ov Thee Temple for a minute, by suggesting that thee newcomer to TOPY philosophy approach thee subject ov CONTROL gently (at first, anyway).

Much has been said about CONTROL and, notwithstanding Burroughs' (and others) profound insight into thee nature ov modern society. I can't help but think that thee result ov over-zealous reference to thee Viral-theories, etc., could maybe hinder thee newcomers self-development - which is supposed to be JOY ov experience under will, isn't it? To explain: I'm not suggesting to gloss over thee issue (which, if you have any social awareness, is impossible - thee "issue" ov CONTROL is not academic for us, it is raw feeling). But it seems totally pointless encouraging people to become aware ov thee Cultural Trance (considering thee increased emotional sensitivity I feel is borne ov thee first practise ov magick/sigils), if thee result is a bunch ov paranoid, frightened to leave their rooms lest they have to participatei n thee Earth Inferno. (I myself witnessed an Ex-Eden having a serious breakdown over this). Thee TOPY network cannot be held responsible for such -admittedly extreme - examples, since our network continues through individuals being fiercely self-willed, but we do have a responsibility not to freak each other out! Fight thee outside, not thee inside.

Perhaps it is part ov thee shamanic initiation (if I may be so bold) ov thee sigilizing Youth to exteriorize their own conditioning through a period ov tension similar to paranoia. Quite an idea; but this is ov no value at all unless thee individual looks into thee causes ov their feelings and works toward (re)integration (ie, a balanced perception - whatever you own "balance" happens to be!). If this is thee case for many, then that stage ov tension should be discussed (we would be keen to hear ov individuals experiences and opinions ov this).

Obviously (?) thee nature ov "initiation" into any magickal perspective is ongoing, requiring continual self-assessment and STRENGTH. As said in a recent TOPY:HQ Bulletin, we must realize that we never arrive, we are always travelling. And everyone learns to walk at their own pace (unless forced to do otherwise, ov course!). This article is by no means conclusive - I ramble on intently. If nothing else connects, I would at least wish to emphasize that TOPY must remain a philosophy - a way ov life - that is inspiring, yet DOWN TO EARTH (there, that should keep us in with thee satanists). For any idea to be worthwhile it must be able to encompass its own philosophy ov freedom whilst being unable to relate (I don't mean agree) to anybody/ anything, because ov a severe overdose ov Industrial-cynicism, has missed thee point, I think. We investigate our barriers in order to overcome them through thee focus ov dreams; not to bottle up in our own pessimism.

"Our Formula, roughly speaking, is to go out and grab what we want. We do this so thoroughly that we grow thereby, extending our conception of "I" by including each new accretion instead of remaining a closely delineated self..." -Aleister Crowley.

Get thee point?


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