Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

A    R I T U A L    F O R    A L L I E S

Aim / Excuse for Ritual:

To gain information from the group mind formed by the nexus of the group; a seance in reverse. All the influences, deities, secrets and lusts of the participants will merge and emerge in the ritual.


People from different magickal backgrounds who want to share and collaborate a bit. Or, a group of Psychick Youth which is virtually the same thing.

Photocopies which capture something of the magickal tradition which the participants come from. These could be pages from Crowley or Burroughs, copies of Gysin or Spare paintings, stills from Apocalypse now, or anything else considered relevant by the individual.

An altar this can be purely functional, i.e. a box with space for candles, incense, etc., or more elaborate, as circumstances permit.

A room which has a bit of floor space.

Bottle of wine for the ritual, and perhaps some food for afterwards.

What to do:

At dawn and sunset, check out the Sun and make a mental note of how you feel. Do the same for the moon when you see Her first, if you see her before the ritual.

All participants are anointed as they arrive by the Host (i.e. the home owner or, if it's a hired space, the first person to arrive). The Host doesn't actually have to do anything else.

As people arrive, their photocopies are glued or taped together. When everyone's there, after small talk, the participants form a circle and each speaks for ONE MINUTE about what they want to get out of the ritual, or alternatively about ANYTHING ELSE which they want to share with the group, whether it's a joke or a piece of writing. This should be timed by stopwatch so that no-one goes over one minute, but people can speak less if they want.

Then there's a banishing.

"We remove from this space and bar entry to all elements which will seriously threaten or disturb any person present."

Everyone then goes form a moan to a shout, punctuated by bellowing the words, "Fuck Off!"

"We remove from this space, and bar entry to, all elements which will be stimulating and acceptable to everyone in this room."

All present then go form a moan to a shout, punctuated by bellowing the word, "Hello!"

As candles and incense are lit, and wine is opened, everyone gently claps the 2 3 rhythm. Everyone joins hands (right hand up, left hand down to facilitate energy transfer) and moves close together so that shoulders are touching. Giggling at this stage is acceptable. People start a low, soft humming / chanting, exploring the dynamic, not forcing it, and the group sways and wobbles together, gently at first, building up some energy. (This will be sexual, naturally, but it shouldn't become an orgy.)

See where the chanting goes; if it lifts off, run with it. Try these chants, chucked in intuitively: "Yes yes yes yes..." "Eye eye eye eye..." "No no no no..." The idea is to move up to the magickal orgasm, so that everyone is sharing some of the same mind and feeling, but don't force it, and don't be afraid to stop and start again if it's not the right vibe. Don't do a "screamer" if the energy isn't there, although if some people are going "over the edge" before you, you can often build up a multiple group climax, with different people lifting off in series. However, you can build up the group mind with gentle, quiet chanting just as much as with loud stuff.

Once you've had the chanting climax, those in the group who aren't experienced in Mongolian chanting lie in the middle of the floor with their heads together and their eyes closed. The chanters sit around them and do their thing. The people in the middle are astral postmen, picking up information and visions and thoughts from the group mind.

When the chant is done, they tell the rest of the group what they've got while it's fresh in their minds; ideally, this bit should be taped. Then the chanters share any information they got. (Everyone will probably think of more after the ritual and in the morning, after they've slept.)

The glued-together photocopies are taken from the altar; they should be well charged-up by now. Everyone sigilises / scribbles on the paper, feeding back to the source of their magick, and letting the source flow back in again. This is going to be a bit difficult for everyone to do at the same time, but this just adds to the fun and makes everyone co-operate. When everyone has done their bit try not to let the artists in the group go on too long! everyone improvises whatever dedication they want, and the sigil paper is burned, ritualistically, with love and focus. This doesn't have to be done in order around the circle, but whenever someone has something to say. Two or more people can speak together.

Then the energy is grounded with a group hug and a collective moan and shout, putting back the energy the group has taken from their magickal sources. Then the bottle is passed round and, in the best Pagan tradition, swigged from until it is empty. Feasting and chill out ensues.


This is at first sight a fairly light-hearted ritual, and it is designed to get people to relax and feel comfortable. But this is misleading; it can easily turn into quite a heavy experience if the participants are up for it. But this has to be consensual, which is why the banishing is important; it says in an every-day, comprehensible way that everyone is taking responsibility for what they share, and are quite determined that their space will not be invaded by anything they can't handle.

There's a lot of chanting in this ritual, but each chant is focused on a particular emotion, so the ritual should degenerate into a moaning contest.

The "astral postmen" will probably not have flashes of inspiration, although these are not uncommon, but they will get particular feelings, visions or journeys. These may be incomprehensible to them because they're from a different magickal entity from the ones they're used to. If nothing else, this ritual should be a good way of adding spice to everyone's magickal imaginations. The talking within the ritual is I feel a legitimate use of magickal space; once we've got up there, we may as well use it a bit.


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.