Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

A D V A N C E D   S I G I L   M A G I C K

By Naddav

---{plz excuse my english - it is not my native language}---

Sigil magick tends to be a highly easy, simple, compact and effective magick. It is surprising therefore that most magicians do not seek to develop and evolutionize it, but keep incorporating the known and fairly accepted parts of it into other forms of magick. In the above mind, outlined below are two fairly advanced techniques. with each, a different approach was taken - one seeks to enhance the effectivness and the other the ease of use of this magnificent magick.

The hypnotic state offers a variety of options from which only one will be discussed. The hypnotic state per se tends to be too similar to the monkey state of mind of the waking state. Therefore, a more subtle approach is to be taken. The implementation of a post-hypnotic conditioning for a triggered reaction seems to be ideal for simplifying the drowning of the sigil process. The post-hypnotic conditioning should be of two parts.

The first part should consist of the nulling of the mind and the losing of the sigil into it. This is best when trigered by a time mechanism, a physical response or action. The process is best when evolved gradually. The aim is, ultimately, zero operation time. More effectivness can be gained if the usual procedure of enfeeblementing of the mind is taken, and the post-hypnotic nulling is trigered at one stage of it or the other.

The second part of the conditioning is that of induced amnesia. This is the core of the technique, as most magicians find the banishing process the hardest one to perfrom - it may very well be thought of as a technique of its own. Immediate amnesia is usually the hardest to induce, more effective is to induce sleep (even if a short one) that will be followed by amnesia. Ultimately, instead of creating a gap in memory, the original memories should be substituted by different ones.

The above technique, although a fairly effective one, suffers from quite a few faults, the least of which is the need for a partner, as inducing post-hypnotic suggestions of such magnitude can hardly be done by self-hypnosis. Another drawback is the need for a fairly high suggestablity - not a common thing, and the need for the partner to be a good hypnotist, which is a different problem altogether. But once the above issues are taken care of, the technique offers a great simplification of the whole process of sigil absorbing in general and banishing in particular.

Inspite of its great difficulty, lucid dream sigil casting is one of the most effective techniques that sigil magick consists of. This requires the complete and utter control over the techniques of lucid dreaming - the most important of which is the control over the lucid dream state and the ability to stay asleep or wake up at will.

Picture-oriented sigils tend to be more effective then other forms of sigils when dealing with lucid dreams. The wish/need is preferably defined in the waking state, although the sigil may be created with equal effectivity both in the dream or waking state.

After entering a lucid dream the magician may employ virtually endless tricks for planting the sigil in the mind. Enfeeblement should be used only if one has the proper control over his dreaming, or else one would wake up. Sex seems to be the natural candidate for lucid dream operations of all kinds, and is most effective when used to cast sigils, as it is usualy more enhanced and un-inhibited then sex in the waking state, not to mention a much better substitute for masturbation which many magicians have to resort to due to the lack of a working partner(s).

After casting the sigil one should try entering a non-lucid state in order to forget the operation. Indeed, a great pitfall of the above method is the great difficulty or inablity to induce amnesia. Instead, the magician should try to induce a state of great pleasure and excitation that will, hopefully, take one's mind of the operation. Practice will prove that full blown forgetfullness is indeed induce-able.


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