Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

2 3    P O I N T S    O V    L I G H T

By Coyote 305

1) Every Man and Every Woman is a Star

2) Nothing IS True---Everything is permitted

3) AbraHadAbra---As Within, Sew Without

4)That Witch is Sacred cannot be spoken

5) That Witch is True cannot be defined

6) Thee Kingdom OV heaven is spread upon thee earth and yet ye do knot---see it?---Fixed ideas ov Deity = Worship ov graven images

7) Thee Search for "GOD" is a Wide circle around Self

8) Thee End-times are indeed upon us--thee end ov Self-negation and programmed opinion

9) All systems OV thought are tools that contain Know Truth

10) Morality is thee vice ov dogs who have only one option--Obey, or be punished

11) Society is constructed upon "common values" ---that which is common has become "law"--- common = average = unexceptional = dull---We are encouraged to be lackluster and thee dimmest among us have thee loudest voices---they cry out for more castration, more confusion and more toys

12) Uniformity and Order are encouraged and rewarded---Deviance and Transcendence are punished---Ants are very uniform and ordered and have not significantly evolved in millions ov years

13) "Humanity" is thee disease---its aim is homogenization

14) All ideas must be challenged if we hope to pro-seed

15) Thee "American" program is thee slow strangulation ov thee liberated Spirit ---television is thee opiate ov thee masses

16) Thee mantra ov thee people:---"Conform, Consume, Obey"

17) Paradox rules thee Universe

18) Everything you believe is a LIE

19) Growth only occurs after ALL belief systems have been subverted---To put more energy into what has been to thee exclusion ov what is NOW is thee Death ov thee Human Spirit and thee greatest ov all Self-deception

20) We are All Gods acting like weak, helpless children---this is thee only actual Sin

21) Thee Magick and Awe OV LIFE are buried below thee detritus ov human illusion and assumption---yet, there is no-thing that is not Fantastic in Nature

22) Do What Thou Wilt shall be thee Whole ov thee Law---LOVE IS THEE LAW---LOVE UNDER WILL

23) Embrace your SELF--Know JOY


Temple of Psychick Youth: All rites reserved.