Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

S T A T E M E N T    O V    I N T E N T

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPYNA 1985-2008) existed to promote a system ov functional, demystified magick, utilising both pagan and modern techniques. It is a process ov individual and collective experimentation and research with no finite answers, dogmas or unchallengeable truths. It is for each to discover his or her own understanding ov thee questions that suggest themselves, and through that voyage ov discovery to find their personal and true identity, thee True Will.

Thee Temple was formed as an organization of Individuals dedicated to updating and de-mystifying religious thought, & also dedicated to creating a world where Individuals can be free to express themselves by whatever means they wish to. We wish to break Control at all levels. We experiment with whatever methods we can utilize to accomplish these goals - magick, technology, poetry, musick, whatever!

As first steps towards change, we attempt to cultivate an awareness ov thee consequences ov our thoughts and actions, and to direct our energies in constructive directions. All this is done on thee understanding that our thoughts and behaviour form thee interface between our lives and thee lives ov others, and their repercussions are therefore endlessly returning.

Awareness is consequently a requirement for our personal and collective survival and evolution. Still, we recognise that awareness itself is dependent on information, communication, and personal commitment. Our work is subsequently practical, exchanging models and methods we have found useful to ourselves. Thus we do not dictate, but rather focus on expanding thee available possibilities through thee cross-fertilisation ov suggestions, successes, and failures. And for us this is a full-time commitment, a continual process ov being, an endless myriad ov becomings.

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