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RATIO ZERO TRANSMISSION to all frequencies....
Spring Equinox 3/23/2010

thee new home ov TOPY, AOT23, & The 23rd Current..
This is A.I.N.
"This is the new path of the 23rd current.. formerly recognized as Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America (TOPYNA) .. we are moving on to a new path.. leaving things from our "YOUTH" in the past.. and becoming more mature and focused on our true desires, our creative energies, and our collective power. " -- 3-23-2008 AIN23

It has been 2 years since the announcement has been made regarding the closure of TOPY and the start of the new Network project called AIN.
2 LONG years of preparation and writing to create a process and a foundation for new seekers of the 23rd Current and also a new and exciting challenge for our members and returning Agents from TOPY. ..the AIN PROCESS requires action and involvement from its membership.. we are against laziness and decree war on the TV mind. ..We look to engage our community of magickians with projects worthy of their creative talents. We seek to befriend all those that are lost in the abyss without guidance for direction in friendship and artistic interaction, and most of all in discussion of the choices and workings we do as sorcery and magick as INDIVIDUALS engaging in such activities. During this 2 years we have not accepted any new initiates. We who remained worked on creating something worth offering new initiates, and our extended brothers and sisters as well. We have worked hard and long hours, making sacrifices and donations to the project you are now interacting with and pondering further knowledge ov…we have FEELINGS and PASSION about this 23rd Current and are looking for like minded peoples for creative and magickal growth, personal and societal expansion, and stimulating physical and intellectual futures.

we hare happy to announce this new publication.
Behold thee AXIOM....


An Introduction to Autonomous Individuals Network, the Agents ov Thee 23rd current. This document gives thee individual thee information needed to become a member of A.I.N..
It also explains the foundation of just what AIN means to accomplish, and also includes a short history of thee group's beginnings as TOPYNA.
This is the First Key to thee Network.

This publication is NOW AVAILABLE. This publication gives detailed instructions on how to become involved and part of the Autonomous Individuals Network (AIN).. We, as a group are not really looking for new members, but we understand that they are out there and the "pull ov thee 23rd current" happens within some persons of the esoteric mind set, and those that practice magick.

this publication provides thee ONLY new portal into thee Network.

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we welcome all and any questions you might have .. but when asking.. please be patient awaiting your reply.. sometimes we just take a little long to answer..


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