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Frente Dionisiaco Pyra

with Coyote 340

In this link there's 20 minutes of audio from a performance of the Frente Dionisiaco Pyra.

This one is from 2006. We were more or less 30 persons playing (there aren't different songs, the performance lasted 2 hours... and the music changes without becoming different songs... some parts are noise, some others are very ritualistic and acoustic, some other parts are beyond any style). It's music that makes more sense in the context of the performance itself, but it's still nice to hear it as something independent of the action. And the Frente Dionisiaco is mostly a performance project that includes music, but not exactly a "band".

We had two Dream Machine working in this performance, so I think the rythm got quite influenced by the rythm of the machines themselves... and most of the ones who are playing are not musicians at all (at least in my case, I would be unable to call myself a musician) + during the acoustic parts the audience also plays with instruments we gave them (so it means that there's actually something like 70 persons playing at once).

Coyote 340!

"Dig it.
That is a really cool recording. I put it on while i did some painting today, well worth the listen".
- c174


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