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23 Seconds ov Time: Volume 9

CONTRIBUTORS - Track (Location)

ARVO ZYLO - Chiral Component #2 (Live performative radio feedback in-studio, excerpt) - (USA - Chicago,IL)
PHOG MASHEEEN - Get On Board The Gravy Train - (USA - Joshua Tree,CA)
MILE 97 - 1616-1: CCA - (USA - San Diego,CA)
DAVID PRESCOTT-STEED - Subterranean Violin Solo (Australia, Melbourne)
SILENT ASHES - Chime Crime (Winchester, UK)
SQUIRELLEX - I Said I Was Sorry But I'm Not Sorry (USA,San Francisco,CA)
PROFESSOR SONIC - Leftover Ecstasy (USA,Lahaina,HI)
STRUKTUR - Casio CT640 (France)
BIG DRUM IN THE SKY RELIGION - O Shenandoah -American Traditional (USA, Harrisonburg,VA)
ALLAN BRUGG - Spin Off Guard (remixed) ( ? )
Z(enseider)Z - Parasemiotic Audition (USA, Savannah,GA)
NOT BREATHING - Static (USA, Tucson,AZ)
JOSEF POLYDOROS - Wasp/Orchid (USA, Prescott,AZ)
GOTHICK - Adoration Of The Insect Loa (UK)
HANNAH HADDIX - UndeianbleIndianAlienDNA (USA,Seattle,WA)
LOOPOOL - Slomo Fire Drill (USA,Los Angeles,CA)
BACKYARD GHOST - 1990 Lincoln Towncar (USA,Chicago,IL)
CRITICAL THEATER - Bowed Bass (USA,Portland,OR)
LUPUS LEFOU - Whats Happening To (USA,Seattle,WA)
EDEN MONONYM - Eradia (USA, Medford/Ashand/GrantsPass,OR)
KIYAN FOX - 23Roque ( ? )
LEZET - Obstacles (Serbia)
INSTAGON - Bass Squared (USA,Sacramento,CA)
MERI ST. MARY & JONAH MOCIUN - 23 Seconds (USA,Nevada City,CA)
ULGUMA - Breath Blues (RUSSIA,Ekaterinburg)
ERC HAUSMANN - Victory (USA,Portland,OR)
CHOPSTICK - C in 16 (USA,Sacramento,CA)
DER DEMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Kristall-Rainer (Germany)
COLLUDE - A salad that was once named Elizabeth (USA, Sacramento,CA)
TZII - Dry Wasteland Ov Oneself (BELGIUM,Brussels)
GRIST - Thy Downfall (AUSTRALIA,Gippsland)
FOOD FORTUNATA - Pathetic Guitar (USA,Michigan)
LAUGHING GOO - The Final Giggle?? (USA,Houston,TX)
THE HORN - I Am The Horned Bull Who Rules The Sky (AUSTRALIA)
IAN QUIET - 1 Man's Junk (USA,Shreveport,LA)
BEAST NEST - Heart of Hearing (USA,Oakland,CA)
CORRODED MASTER - Ich wünschte nur, um zu sehen das helle Licht des Todes zu überholen mich (USA,Sacramento,CA)
ANATOLIA'S FINEST - Aqua Lung (USA,Seattle,WA)
IN KIT FORM - No Time Like The Present (UK, Canterbury)
SUBVERSIVE INTENTIONS - 23 Seconds of prepared guitar in open D minor tuning (USA, Vermont)
SETH GUY - Little Old Lady (UK, London)
MORPHEUS PROJECT - StarBorne Opalite (USA,East Coast)
HARI HARDMAN - Aut23 (UK,Redding)
HOLY FILAMENT - 60..88 |get-random -Count 23 |foreach {[console]::beep($_,1000)}(USA,Vancouver,WA)
ROSE BURIED IN SAND - Shattering (USA,San Francisco,CA)
SKUNK PUPPET - Love Call #9 (USA,Long Beach,CA)
HAARK - And Then (Australia)
K.ATCHLEY - 23 re-fount (USA,Kensington,CA)
MSO - Esoteric 23 (AUSTRIA,Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia)
JINKS SPRING - Seasonal Mustafa (USA,Austin,TX)
CONURE - 23 Seconds of Minimalism (GERMANY,Berlin)
QKCOFSE - Untitled Cardboard Box (USA,Portland,OR)
W.A.DAVISON - 140504 Guitar (CANADA, Toronto)
OVERDOSE THE KATATONIC - Sharp Rusted Infection (USA,Seattle,WA)
STOLEN LIGHT - Victory Through Wind Power (USA,San Jose,CA)
LOB - WOBBLE[vocal track] (USA,Sacramento,CA)
KEMIKAL ADIKTION - Shaker Spring Blues (USA,Norwich,CT)
GOOSE - Grocery Drone (USA,San Jose,CA)
JAMES TRASH - Trying to Scratch my Way Out of the Room (Mercury)
ADAM LUNCEFORD - Don't Know (USA,San Jose,CA)
JOLTHROWER - The Power of a Good Opening (Wetplanet)
DISEASE EATER - Drinking Water Out Of the Bath House Sauna (USA,Seattle,WA)
SOREN LUNCEFORD - Rocking Egg (USA,San Jose,CA)
LITTLE ORANGE BICYCLE - Pluck You (USA,Citrus Heights,CA)
[NAZWA PROJEKTU] - Kill Him! (POLAND,Wroclaw)
DETH SIKE - Toilet Bowls Can Sing (USA,Seattle,WA/Oakland,CA)
PALTARIUS - Depatterning Session (Subject No. 23) (CANADA,London,Ontairo)
PLOM - Kitty (SPAIN,Barcelona)
FREQUENCY 139 - a message (USA,Sacramento,CA)


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