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23 Seconds ov Time Volume 6

CONTRIBUTORS - Track (Location)

DJ PC93 - Kids Walking By House (Florida,usa)
DEEPGRAVE MIN OG DOG - VOC006 (Silver Springs,Maryland,usa)
ANLA COURTIS - Bariloche Birds N' Lawnmower (Buenos Aires,Argentina)[Recorded in Bariloche,Patagonia,Argentina,January 2011]

ACOUSTIK TIMBRE FREKUENCY - Thee Shamanik Playground 01-05-12 (Boughton Under Blean, Kent, UK)
FLAVIEN GILLIE - Des hauts et des bas (Brussels, Belgium, behind the Flemish Theatre)
ANTON MOBIN - Resistance (Paris,France)
A DEMON SHEEN - Cheater(3rd of January 2013) (Cape Paterson, Australia)
DAVE PHILLIPS - cicada (Switzerland) (recorded in cat tien national park, Vietnam on 11th december 2007)
M.A.R. - At a Crossroads at Midnight As Jove became Venus (Hampshire,Winchester,UK)
AVERAGE ALIEN - Our Traces I Bring Home (Yorkshire,UK)
DAVID PRESCOTT-STEED - Northcote Backyard and Nunnery Bells, 6 January 2013 (Northcote,Victoria,Australia) (in the backyard of my humble abode)
THE IMPLICIT ORDER - I Walked Outside On A Winter Afternoon (Smilax KY USA 37.1356° N, 83.2821° W) [image]
FOCUS 23 - Union (Union Station, Toronto,Canada)
PROFESSOR SONIC - Wahikuli Beach 01/23/13 @ 23:00 (Lahaina,Hawaii, USA)
FRANCOIS-EMMANUEL FODERE - Khadi Kendra temple (India, Karnataka, Saundatti, Khadi Kendra temple)
THIRTEEN HURTS - PV Merchantile (Pleasant View,CO,USA - Pleasant View Merchantile Jan.4,2013)
KORVUS - Rusty Door(abandoned building) (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
ADAM COOPER-TERAN / FREQ.463 - My Father, Leaves His Cancerous Body/Becomes White Light/Returns to the Center of the Sun, 9:05 AM, January 26, 2013. (Tucson, AZ,USA - Veteran's Affairs Hospital) [image]
MILE 97 - 23_seconds_field_recording_2313-02-02 (San Diego, CA, USA)
HARI HARDMAN - Black Leaves23 (Redding, UK)
LOB - Teenage Wasteland [2-1-13,Oracle Arena,Oakland,CA-The WHO in Concert] (Sacramento,CA,usa)
CHOLULA BANKHEAD - At The Office (Seahurst,Washington, USA)
TACTIL VISION - Hood (Columbus,OH,usa)
TEMPLE OF DIN - Blackpool Station (Blackpool, Lancashire, England)
MORPHEUS PROJECT - Celephais (near HP Lovecraft's grave,Providence,RI,USA)
CHOPSTICK - Rainy Afternoon (Sacramento, CA,USA - on a second floor balcony facing an alley way.)
VESICA PISCIS - Baked Potatoes (Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
FREQUENCY 402 - Trash-Bag Balloon:Lahaina Cannery Mall 02/16/2013 @ 23:33 (Lahaina,Hawaii,USA) [image]
SIGHELL - At The Lough (Cork, Ireland)
SILVER MOULT - Scattered (Concord, CA,USA - from my front porch a couple steps to the street corner)
LENAEA - Hard Cock Of The County (Concord, CA,usa - Outside the library, where I work)
MY FAILURE - Air (Moscow, Russia)
FREQUENCY 464 - Black Rock Desert, Autumn Equinox 23 2012, Winchester (Elk Grove,CA,usa)
THE BRECK CLUB ALL STARS - Ambient Breck:It snows all the time where I come from (from inside the Breck Club, Pouton-Le-Fylde, England)
MISDREAMT - The Arrival (Goat Farm Arts Complex, Atlanta, GA; next to the train tracks crossing the property, waiting to enter the venue where a live soundtrack performance for the silent film "Nosferatu" was about to take place in late October 2012.)
CHAD E. WILLIAMS - Izzy, I'm Home (Sacramento,CA,USA)
ASHKAI - Enregistrement audio 2 (Paris 20, France, Europa)
ONE EYED ZATOICHI - Red-Winged Blackbirds (Pleasant View,CO,usa - west side of Subcutaneous Studios)
THE SECRET CHURCH OF JOHN - Mysterion (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - St Stephen's Cathedral )
INSTAGON - Instacabrabite (Sacramento,CA,usa - 2/2/13 Marilyn's on K; session 623)
HISTORY - Thursday,January 26, 2006,7:41:36 PM Thunder Valley Casino,Lincoln,CA (Sacramento,CA)
PURITYMORD - Crash Alcohol Trauma (Wroclaw, Poland)
HOLY FILAMENT - Deep Root Scaling & Planing(20130225) (Vancouver,WA,usa) [Field recording of deep root scaling and planing dental procedure being performed on myself while recording. ]
DON HAUGEN - DH03012013_23 (Eugene,OR,usa my front porch)
PALTARIUS - 43.0023N 81.2323W 2013-02-19T04:16:23-05:00 (London, Ontario, Canada "Canada's London")
FREQUENCY 139 - at home (Sacramento,CA)

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