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23 Seconds ov Time Volume 4 : "frum all direktions"
was compiled from November 1, 2011 thru January 1, 2012.
This collection features submissions of all kinds, any style, any subject, any genre...from all directions.

All tracks were collected, assembed, & mastered by Frequency 139 for AIN23.
some tracks were milliseconds over the alloted time of 23 seconds and they were edited to fit the format.
(The segments that were taken from these tracks were combined into a track called "xes", which appears on the limited CD release of this edition)

The extended collected track "23SOT V4" features 78 contributions that were sent in during the peroid that tracks were accepted.
Every track that was submitted was accepted.
Each submission appears in the order in which it was received.
We received contributions from 12 Countries, and 20 States in the USA for this volume ov thee project.

23 Seconds ov Time 4.0 - "frum all direktions" (29:56)
released for download: 1-23-2012

a limited CD of only 50 hand numbered copies was released as of 8-1-2012.
this CD contains exclusive mixes from this volume including the Backwards Mix, All At Once Mix, Active Frequencies Only Mix, and the bonus cut "Xes4" (creating using parts edited from submissions over the limit). This CD also contains an insert that contains a track listing, and art by Frequency 464. Ordering instructions can be found HERE while supplies last.

the cover design is by Frequency 139 using art that was created by Frequency 402

(c)2012 AIN23

special thanks to Thee Network for spreading the meme about this project, and all those that are part ov it.
This is an ongoing project

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