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23 Seconds ov Time Volume 4


FOOD FORTUNATA - Eagles & Dogs (Michigan,usa)
CDRIKCROLL - Automatic & Intuitiv Noiz (France)
LE SCRAMBLED DEBUTANTE vs. AURACENE vs. LE SCRAMBLED DEBUTANTE-Hexual Ceiling[23-Second Mix] (Asheville,NC/Louisville,KY USA)
ALLAN ZANE - 'Kunst Ekstase' (Louisville,KY,usa)
DAO DE NOISE - 23 Images (Kharkov, Ukraine)
THE DENISOVANS - 23 Second Breath (Austin,TX,usa)
BIRD PARADIGMA - Spitspell (Lisbon, Portugal)
EXIT 27 - 23 Second Ho-Down (Asheville, NC,usa)
SIGHELL - O.Y.M (Ireland)
SKULLCASTER - Nurosynaptic Cleft (Austin,TX,usa)
PHOG MASHEEEN - Steam Funk (Costa Mesa,CA,usa)
M.A.R. - Ah Mon (UK)
HOLLYWOOD VIDEO GAME KILL-BOT - Beat In Fire (Los Angeles,CA,usa)
ONE INFINITE LOOP - Narthex Smile (Medford,OR,usa)
JANG - For Triangle (Phoenix,AZ, usa)
RANDAL COLLIER-FORD - Glimpse Of The Highest Pit (Springfield,OR,usa)
THEE PSIONIC ASSEMBLY - Insentient Disease ov Cities (KY,usa )
PROFESSOR SONIC - Cyber Ripples (Lahaina,HI,usa)
MAKANA'S RED ARTIFACT - Lambs (San Francisco,CA,usa)
DAVE WRIGHT - Baby Food Ouchy (Tucson,AZ,usa)
ABYSMAL DIRGE - Epoch:23 (Auckland, New Zealand)
MILE 97 - How's About A Nice Cuppa Joe? (Pittsburgh,PA,usa)
PC93 - Repeat After Me (Casselberry,FL,usa)
ZREEN TOYZ - Krik Krok Exploration (Région Centre - France)
WILLIAM C. HARRINGTON/JILL ELLISA - who what where when (Los Angeles,CA,usa)
FREQUENCY 402 - DATA:23:BENT (Hawaii,usa)
GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS - Shenanigans (Sacramento,CA,usa)
NIGHT AT NOON - 23 NaN Songs (Houston,TX,usa)
DEATH PACT INTERNATIONAL - Ferio Super la Vendtablo (Barcelona,Spain)
FREQUENCY 456 - Hope (Cleveland,OH,usa)
STEVEY7 - shinE and Neu (Columbus,OH,usa)
GENETIC TRANCE - Ready vs Musthavebeens (Kyiv, Ukraine)
SOROR ZSD23 - Iuppiter Sound Sigil (Stamford, CT, usa)

OPALESCENT TONGUE - Ouroboros Crowns Our Hearts (Elizabethtown,KY,usa)
LOB - My Favorite Song (Sacramento,CA,usa)
MARAX - MALPA (Douglasville,GA,usa)
FOCUS 23 - Stain Remover (Canada)
THEE UNCONDEMING MONK - Thee UM Bomb (Binghamton,NY,usa)
ADAM WEISS - 23 HOW (Los Angeles,CA,usa)
CONURE - 23 More Seconds of Your Life (Berlin, Germany)
JAIME CLEELAND - what am I 29 seconds (UK)
KKKKasioflubellegend - sage and kevin weird science on the GT-10-12-02-2011 VER3 (Montgomery Villiage,MD,usa)
HOLY FILAMENT - 23 Seconds in Aramaic Characters (Vancouver,WA,usa)
THIRTEEN HURTS - Choke The Chipmunk (Pleasant View,CO,usa)
OLD MILLION EYE - There's a Crack (Oakland,CA,usa)
DEEPGRAVE MIN OG DOG - foosky dream blimp edit (Silver Spring,MD,usa)
MORPHEUS PROJECT - Siren Song to Xenon (East Coast,usa)
13Hz - Skylab (Pleasant View,CO,usa)
LEZET - Dictation (Pozega,SERBIA)
IAN BLACK - Corpse Mulch (Sacramento,CA,usa)
AYIN - On The Rhine (Glessen,GERMANY)
INFINITE PLASTIC INTERNAL - When a Tree Falls (Oakland,CA,usa)
WOUNDED GALAXIES - December Distance (North Canton,OH,usa)
AShKaï - Bleating for our 23rd Kingdom to come SOON (Paris,FRANCE)
APOTHEOSIZOR - 2012 (Richmond,VA,usa)
INSTAGON NOISE TRIO - A Segment ov LAB (Sacramento,CA,usa)
SANDER ROSCOE WOLFF - Entering the Abattoir (Lakewood,CA,usa)
SUNNSPOT - Ice and Honey and Stars and Spice (Cleveland,OH,usa)
FREQUENCY 452 - Apple ii iii (Medford,OR,usa)
ASMODEUS X - Descendants of the Portal (Houston,TX,usa)
FRAUD - In The Beginning (Huntington Beach,CA,usa)
THE BLACK SUN - Just Rewards (Seattle,WA,usa)
VVITCH - Hail Bradley Manning (Austin,TX,usa)
JOLTHROWER - NF2011 Jolt up! (Wetplanet)
VESICA PISCIS - Twenty-Third Vapor Column [2011] (Flagstaff,AZ,usa)
JESUS IS DEAD - Await the End (Santa Ana,CA,usa)
NOISEPSALM - Sabbatical (Camino,CA,usa)
ANGRYCITY - Dink (Sacramento,CA,usa)
FREQUENCY 75 - 23 Seconds ov Sound (Germany)
CHAD E. WILLIAMS - This Conversation is About Cheese (Sacramento,CA,usa)
ICHNEUMON FLY - Almost Gone (IL,usa)
MR. BIP - 23 Mayhem Street (Palo Alto,CA,usa)
EUROSTACHE,GmbH - Breathing (San Francisco,CA,usa)
TIQ FRONT - Parricide (Wroclaw,Poland)
PALTARIUS - The 23rd Spring[Meant To Have Been The Last] (London, Ontario, Canada)
FREQUENCY 139 - 4TH MESSAGE (Sacramento,CA,usa)

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