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23 Seconds ov Time 1.0
was compiled during August & September 2010.
All tracks were collected, assembed, & mastered by Frequency 139 for AIN23.
many tracks were milliseconds over the alloted time of 23 seconds and they were edited to fit the format.

The extended collected track features 97 projects that sent in material during the peroid that tracks
were accepted. Every track that was submitted was accepted. Each submission appears in the
order in which it was received.

"23 Seconds ov Time 1.0" (37:14)

released for download : 10-23-2010

released as limited edition hand numbered CD : 11-23-2010
(limited to only 123 copies, hand numbered, with track listing insert)
CD also includes exclusive "all at once" mix, and all indivudal tracks separated. 99 tracks total.

the cover art was designed by Freq.139
the CD disc art by Frequency 437
CD insert art by Frequencies 73 & 435

(c)2010 AIN23

special thanks to Thee Network for spreading the news about this project, and all those that
are part ov it. This will be an ongoing project

23SOT 1.1
Northern California artist NOISEPSALM has released a video for thier 23 Second track "brown acid jazz"
now availble here on youtube

23SOT 1.3
AIN23 Agent Frequency 383 has generated a video sequence for the INSTAGON track "Sound Bits" from 23SoT V.1
now available here on youtube